Violin lessons Belgrade for children, teenagers and adults

Violin lessons Belgrade

Many dream of performing their favorite melody on a musical instrument with excellence and confidence. If you could choose any instrument and suddenly know you were playing it, which instrument would you choose?

If playing and violin lessons have come to your mind – you are in the right place! In this text, we will talk about violin lessons and the benefits and advantages that violin lessons bring for children, teenagers and adults.

What is important to know about violin lessons?

You may think that violins are surrounded by a romantic aura of mysticism, that they are too expensive or that they are too difficult to play.

Violin sound is one of the most beautiful sounds in the orchestra and equally mystical and romantic. The violin is also called the “queen of all instruments” . However, the opinion that it is too difficult to play or that the instruments are too expensive is not completely correct.

Learning an instrument is at the beginning it is demanding , but with the right teacher, the program and the music school become much easier. The price of the violin ranges from very affordable to more expensive, but even the most expensive instrument is a great investment because the price of the violin never drops.

Violin lessons and the benefits of playing the violin

You may be surprised to discover that playing the violin has a handful of great benefits ; learning to play the violin, like any endeavor, leads to an increase in self-confidence as well as to unique tools and knowledge that benefit us for the rest of our lives.

No prior preparation is required for learning the violin, the teaching is completely adapted for beginners, but also for those who are not.

You will get all the necessary information in one place, from the history of the instrument to the musical aesthetics. There are also elements of teaching solfeggio, music theory and everything that is needed for an overall knowledge in the field of music.

Why choose violin lessons according to the ABRSM program?

Violin lessons Belgrade Eva Music School - ABSRM program

ABRSM system for teaching violin provides complete support for learning to play the violin , such as all the necessary music material and taking exams with a diploma recognized in over 90 countries around the world.

We have written several times about the ABRSM program on our website: about the method , the difference in relation to the national program and about the application of the ABRSM diploma abroad .addition to all this , the International Music Center “EVA” provides the opportunity to perform at four concerts a year , which creates an additional sense of motivation before the concert and achievements after the concert, which is very good for children, teenagers and adults.

Individual violin lessons according to the ABRSM program in the first international private music school “Eva Music”

On the other hand, the teaching is individual and flexible , adjusted to the schedule of other obligations of the students, as well as in private violin lessons.

Piano Accompaniest

Along with the violin teacher, as another figure from the world of music, there is also a piano accompaniest. The piano teacher will always be a stable support to violinists with his safe playing.

If you haven’t heard of this term so far, see all about the piano collaborator in our text .

Here are some of the benefits of violin lessons for all ages:

Advantages of attending violin lessons for children

Violin lessons Belgrade Eva Music School - advantages

Children are often fascinated by learning to play the violin, and if so, they should be encouraged. Physical, mental and social benefits of playing a musical instrument are well known, but the violin offers some rather surprising benefits.

Improved memory and attention span

Much research has been conducted on the benefits of playing the violin or other musical instrument. A recent study by the McMaster University Institute of Music she found that music training, even one year, has a positive effect on memory and attention span.

Mental abilities and health

Experts agree that music training improves :

  • reading skills,
  • language processing,
  • speech and
  • various brain functions.

In December 2014, the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry published the findings of Dr. James Huxhak on enhanced brain development and how playing the violin can help children fight psychological disorders.

Sensory development

Long-term high-level music education has a greater impact than previously thought. Researchers have found that musicians have an improved ability to integrate sensory information from hearing, touch and sight .

Social skills

The benefits of playing the violin are also social . Not only do violin lessons provide a topic of conversation, but young children also gain self-discipline from repeated practice. They also benefit from the fact that there is progress in their young lives that they can control on their own.

Learning to play the violin can create:

  • self-confidence,
  • self-esteem and
  • self-awareness

All these qualities are responsible for the positive development of social skills and interactions.

All the jobs they will do in the future will be better designed thanks to the criteria and dedication that dealing with classical music requires.

Advantages of attending violin classes for adolescents

Even if you don’t start early, anyone can learn to play the violin, regardless of their age.

In the first international private music school “Eva Music” everyone can learn to play the violin, regardless of their age

Many teenagers want to expand their skills and improve their college applications with a variety of extracurricular activities.

In addition, within the ABRSM system, it is possible to attend a music high school that is recognized worldwide.

A sense of belonging

Many adolescents benefit from learning the violin because of the social affiliation it provides. Playing in ensembles requires group coordination, attention and cooperation. This can be a great relief from the constant pressures and anxieties of teenagers.

Emotional release through playing the violin

Playing the violin provides an opportunity to release your feelings , something that can sometimes be difficult for teenagers to do in a constructive way.

Physical benefits

Concerts and competitions provide opportunities for achievement, and the physical benefits of playing the violin are the same as for younger children. Exercise achieves better:

  • body posture,
  • strengthens the strength of the upper body and
  • improved motor skills .

Physical exertion is reduced by proper posture.

Advantages of attending violin classes for adults

In addition to all the mental and physical benefits of playing the violin, adults who choose to learn the violin receive additional benefits.

Reduced stress

Playing the violin is a great stress reliever and a great way to expand your social circle.

Violin playing and improved posture

Today’s “sedentary” lifestyle leaves many adults with an unhealthy spine and improper posture that causes pain. Playing the violin requires proper posture . Learning how to stand properly while playing can significantly improve posture.

Public performances and online lessons at the International Music School “Eva Music”

We organize four concerts in our school during the school year. Two are held in our school, and two in famous city halls such as the Kolarac Music Gallery or the Atrium of the National Museum.

Public performances have numerous benefits, but for us the most important thing is the joy of making music and the energy we share with the audience.

In addition to live concerts for our online students, we also organize four online performances a year. All our students play from their homes, and in addition to the Internet connection, we are also connected by the desire to hear from each other and praise each other’s progress.

We started organizing online classes during the pandemic, and in the meantime we have upgraded our skills and become experts in this field.

Those who live outside Belgrade can also become our students, and we currently have students from all continents.

Make playing the violin a reality

Violin lessons Belgrade Eva Music School

The mental, emotional and physical benefits of playing the violin are certainly worth the time and effort required to learn this instrument. With the appropriate lecturers within the ABRSM system of private violin lessons, we are at your disposal so that you can realize your dream of playing the violin, have fun and better understand music , and find the ideal incentive for the optimal development of your child.

There is a great offer in the world of music in Belgrade, whether it is an advertisement or other private music schools. What is characteristic of the International Music School “Eva Music” is that each professor manages to encourage what is best for each student.

For our teachers, working with students is not just a job but the realization of their professional mission – to transfer their knowledge in the best possible way.

If you are interested in violin lessons, you can write to us at our email address , phone numbers +381654499727 or +38163558517. There are also our pages on social networks: Facebook and Instagram .

For those who want to know more – the history of the violin

The violin belongs to the family of string instruments whose modern members also include the cello, double bass and viola.

The modern violin is actually the last offshoot in the long evolution of string instruments whose variations have been used in India, the Middle East and across Europe.

The violin appears in illustrations and is mentioned in texts from the beginning of the 16th century in Brescia, today’s Italy. The recognizable figure that we inextricably link today with the appearance of the violin was shaped by the famous Cremona lottery player Andrea Amati.

His students founded real dynasties of violin builders, including Guarneri, Bergonzi and Ruggieri. However, by far the most famous representative of this school is without a doubt Antonio Stradivari, who during his lifetime composed over a hundred instruments that are estimated today in millions of euros.

After the Italian masters, there were minor changes in the design: Francois Turt perfected the modern bow at the end of the 18th century, and the neck of the violin was extended during the next century to increase the tonal range.

The violin (and bow) has come a long way from folk dances to the leading solo instrument, which they rightly called the “queen of instruments” because of its virtuosity and tonal splendor.

However, the evolution of the violin is not over yet: the sound of the electric violin can be heard more and more often, which enables an interesting combination of tradition and current musical effects. One thing is for sure – the story of the violin has not yet been told to the end, and you can become a part of that story.