Eva in Media

International Music Center “Eva” is also present in the media. We are always trying to promote our educational content and thus contribute to the culture of children.

Our two co-owners are not only great entrepreneurs and women, but also wonderful mothers.

Because of that, they were hosted by the Detinjarije portal in their most read section “Motherhood in the twenties, thirties, forties”.

By clicking on the following two links below the photos, you can read both interviews:

Motherhood in the twenties, thirties, forties: Ana Rancic
Motherhood in the twenties, thirties, forties: Vesna Surculija Radic

The daily newspaper “Danas” wrote about the master class of Dimitrije Vasiljevic and David Bizic held in December 2019. at International Music Center “Eva”.

Hosting co-owners of the center Ana Rančić and Vesna Radić with the journalist Adriana Čortan on the occasion of the beginning of the Little Harp School:

A visit by co-owner Vesna Radić to journalist Ivon Jafali on the topic of the British royal program in Eva:

Morning program by Nataša Miljković on TV Prva. Direct engagement to the group harp lesson from our center:

Hosting on RTS in the children’s show “Zujalica”. Co-owner Ana Rančić and pupil of the IV grade violin Sofia:

Hosting on RTS in the children’s show “Zujalica”. Harp Professor Zeljka Milosevic.

First school group harp for children. News paper “Blic”:


Announcement of the master class of Ivan Zoranović Kiza in News paper “Vecernje novosti”:

The announcement of the panel “Everything You Wanted to Know about Music Education” on the portal “Detinjarije”: