The first international private music school “EVA” – how it all started?

It is said that in one African tribe, the birth of a child is counted from the time it is born in the mother’s mind. That is how our private music school “Eva Music” was born in our minds seven years ago. After the final exams at the state music school, at a coffee shop.

Co-owners of the first international private music school “Eva”

The story flowed, and the topics were mostly uninspiring atmosphere and impossibility of progress. Ana, who was thinking about emigrating to Norway with her husband and two girls, asked Vesna: “Why don’t we open a private music school?” Vesna liked the idea and the conversation began. But after that, that topic was forgotten.

Until March 2016.

How did the idea of the first international private music school develop?

At that time, Vesna was doing at least one job in addition to the state job, she wrote a book, held private lessons, performed, and worked in the film industry.

Ana was on her third maternity leave, starting a business selling homemade play daugh that she made herself. Years of dedicated work with students, accompaniment experience, successful concerts were behind her.

The idea shone around the ABRSM method – a method for which Vesna already had a license. It is a method that arrived in Serbia fifteen years ago, but it was not yet sufficiently known. ABRSM impressed them both with its simplicity and applicability.

  • It is a method for future professionals as well as for those who will not become one. According to it, adults can learn, but also children from vulnerable groups.
  • It is a method by which you can work in almost a hundred countries around the world and always get the grade you deserve because the way of grading is very clearly prescribed.
  • And finally, it is a method in which you can work all the elements with one professor and thus save your time.

For all these and many other reasons, ABRSM was the perfect starting point to reflect everything the two of them believed in.

Ana and Vesna – co-owners of the first international private music school “Eva Music”

First of all, they wanted to teach only classical music to the highest standards, but they wanted to avoid the trap that often leads to unfounded ambitions and excessive pressure on the child and the teacher.

They wanted to create in children a love for art and the joy of making music, so the backbone of “Eva’s” school year became concerts.

Everyone who knows Vesna and Ana knows that at first glance they look completely different. And they really are.

The things that connect them are perseverance, value and expertise. They master the matter they deal with, but above all they share the love for their vocation and the children they work with. And of course, towards each other.

The first international music school “Eva Music” – the first steps

In the beginning, they saw each other every day. After dozens hours of conversation, joint and individual work, the first phase was completed – “Eva’s” website was created, their first step towards success.

Soon after that, while they were promoting “Eva”, handing out leaflets that they were terribly proud of, the doors of a new world opened before them, into which they entered a little timidly.

As their step became safer, so did the sentences with which they wanted to praise their ideas become stronger, more convincing and full of pride in what they were creating.

When they borrowed money to rent a premises two months before the start of the school year, without a single secure client, somewhere deep down they knew they had already succeeded.

When they transferred their personal pianos in it in August, after a little fear that flowed through their bodies, their step became even more decisive. Both Ana and Vesna’s husband stood beside them, gently encouraging them to move on. Without them, they would never have succeeded.

This is what the first school year in the private music school “Eva Music” looked like

The school year, however, started with five students. Soon two more joined them. By the end of the school year, there were sixteen of them. Many of them are still part of “Eva”. As they grow and last together.

A large part of the success is also represented by the associates. These are teachers who see beyond their colleagues, for whom responsibility for their work is a natural thing and who are ready to learn. And their motivation is proof that they are on the right path.

However, what they learned while creating “Eva” is that sometimes good ingredients are not enough for a good recipe, and some secret spice is needed.

That secret spice is that significant piece of luck or inspiration that comes when you work hard and when you cross the line beyond which you no longer feel safe. It is a reward for work, and in fact it is an inner feeling of achievement that spills over into everything else.

And smiling children’s faces, satisfied parents and associates are a reward in themselves.