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Electric guitar lessons Belgrade - Eva Music School

In our music school, every child is approached in a unique way. The classes are intended for both beginners and children with prior knowledge. In a pleasant ambience and healthy atmosphere, we educate children to gain self-confidence and develop a love for music.

The most important thing for us is to help your child develop a great playing technique and ear so that one day he or she can play music on a professional level.

Electric Guitar School for Children

Electric guitar lessons for kids Belgrade - Eva Music School

We came to the conclusion that children are most motivated by public appearances and preparation for taking the international RSL diploma. In this regard, our curriculum has been carefully created and contains: 35 individual lessons of electric guitar per year, 2 concerts, 1 knowledge test and finally taking the exam before an independent commission from London.

As an additional, external motivation, we single out playing with peers and professors. The mission of the music school “Eva” is to make your child interested in learning the electric guitar. And to provide him with professional and motivating support on his musical path.

I would like to praise the work of your school. After only a few lessons, my child boasted that he had learned more about guitar and music than in a year in the previous school. The child’s will to work and learn the art of music began to grow from the first day. And the child comes to every new class with great pleasure. Finally, I would like to quote my son’s assessment of the professor: Nikola rocks!”

The father of our student Teo

Electric Guitar Lessons for Adults

Electric guitar lessons for adults Belgrade - Eva Music School

Our school is known for its large community of adult students. We achieve great success in working with adults. Whether you are an adult who wants to improve your knowledge or you are a beginner – we are the right address for you. Whether you need support to improve your electric guitar playing technique or you need help understanding music theory, we are here for you.

Whether you want to learn to play for yourself, you want to improve your playing technique to shine in your band or you want to get a job abroad – we are here for you.

The schedule adapts to your job as well as other commitments.

RSL exams do not have an age limit and, in addition to our individual lessons, are an ideal motivation for work. A large number of musicians decide to systematize and crown their knowledge by obtaining a diploma recognized worldwide. Our professional staff will help you achieve your every musical goal.

Every first lesson is free! Contact us at 063/558517 or write to us at info@evamusic.rs We have great success with online teaching, ie distance learning.

Eva Music’s modern department and guitar lessons with Professor Nikola were the best decision I made in 2022! I finally got all the answers to the questions that had plagued me for years, and I rounded up the knowledge I already possessed. Most importantly: I have made a huge step forward in the technique of playing the electric guitar!”

 Dusan Rancic, our adult student, electric and bass guitarist of many metal and hard rock bands in Belgrade

Professors of electric guitar

Electric guitar lessons Belgrade - Professors in Eva Music School

Guitarist and bassist Nikola Radosavljević, the youngest member of the modern department in our school, teaches electric guitar. He developed the pedagogical system by combining the pedagogical methods of his mentors. He has an analytical approach to all aspects of guitar playing.

Nikola is skilled in playing both classical and acoustic guitars, but decided to dedicate himself to the work and development of the method of learning the electric guitar. 

The use of audio and video recordings as tools to explain a particular area, as well as literature, are integral parts of the lessons. His students achieve enviable results. In a short period of time, whether in technical, improvisational or any other part of playing the guitar. He pays full attention to each student . Focusing on improving the student’s playing virtues and solving problems.

Watch our professor Nikola Radosavljević Guest appearance with Milos Milovanović on N1 on the occasion of his performance at the Nancy Film Festival.

Beside Nikola electric guitar lessons gives Dragance Pavlovic, too.

His philosophy of pedagogical work is based on freedom, openness, trust and good communication with the students. He conducts his classes on the principle of workshops where pleasant atmosphere and good energy prevail.

He is fluent in English and is always ready for new experiences.

Jazz guitar lessons and preparation for enrollment in music high school

Electric guitar lessons Belgrade - Eva Music School - preparation for enrollment in high music school

Our music school also provides preparations for enrollment in music high school at the jazz department as well as at the jazz academy.

Introduction to the history of jazz, work on jazz standards, jazz theory, technique, scales, solfeggio and singing classes and everything necessary to acquire knowledge for enrollment.

Playing electric guitar in music school

Guitar lessons are individual, done according to the British RSL program, which is recognized in 55 countries around the world. Each student received an RSL textbook as well as exercise backing tracks.

The teacher is open to all questions regarding guitar playing and music in general. In addition to the British one, a new individual plan and program is made for each student, with the intention of resolving the weaknesses in the students’ playing and developing new abilities for dealing with music. 

The professor is extremely motivated regardless of the age of the students. When students gain control over the instrument, they can join group work, ie. playing in a band with singing. Our school is ideal for everyone who wants success in the field of modern music.

Electric guitar lessons Belgrade price

The first electric guitar lessons in our school are free.

You can see the price list at this link, and you can see more information about us on our Facebook page and Instagram page.

Eva Music School is located in Dedinje, Belgrade.

Distance has never been an obstacle when someone wants quality. We can be proud of having students from all over Belgrade, but also from Serbia. Zemun is not too far if you want the best for yourself or your child.

We would be glad if you could become a part of our music story and treat your child or yourself to music education of the best quality in Belgrade.

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