NEW – Rock department in the first international private music school “Eva Music”

We are proud to present something completely new in our First Private International Music School “Eva Music” – Rock Department!

What classes of modern instruments can you attend at the “Eva Music” Rock School?

The rock section offers classes of:

  • Electric guitar,
  • Bass guitar,
  • Drums,
  • Modern singing,
  • Modern piano and
  • Sound production!

Why the Rock Section?

The question about opening the Rock Department of the First International Private Music School in Belgrade “Eva Music” has been imposed for years.

Since we have laid a strong foundation of the highest quality when it comes to education in the field of classical music, the time has come to open the door to electric sounds.

Bass guitar lessons at the “Eva Music” SCHOOL OF ROCK

We want to influence and contribute to the standardization and raising the level of quality of work in the field of popular music and thus create a new generation of musicians ready for the challenges imposed by the world stage.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality music education, and so now in CONTEMPORARY MUSIC.

We can’t wait for the first generation of Eva Rock ‘n roller!!

What was the selection of teachers criteria for the rock department?

The most important question was: who will lead the Rock Eva department?

Considering that Ana Ranchic and Vesna Radic are directors and co-owners of the music school educated in the field of art music, it was most logical for the job of the head of the Rock department to be led by someone else, with their leadership.When selecting staff, the most important thing for us was that the lecturers were fully educated musicians, with diplomas from music academies. This was crucial because we wanted modern music to be taught by people who understand it and are able to pass on their knowledge.

Drum lessons at the “Eva Music” SCHOOL OF ROCK

Why RSL program?

The first international private music school “Eva Music” works according to the ABRSM program and method, the most eminent system of music education in the world. Students of this school take international exams, obtain international diplomas and are evaluated by an independent commission from Great Britain.

Ana and Vesna wanted the same thing at the Rock Eva department.

RSL – a British program that is applied in more than 1,100 music schools WORLDWIDE!

Pandam to ABRSM was found in the RSL British program. Rock school exams are the world’s most eminent popular music exams, present in 55 countries, with over 100,000 examiners each year in more than 1,100 music schools around the globe.

What do we expect?


Above all, motivated and hard-working students, eager for real and systematic knowledge in the field of popular music. We expect a lot of fun, laughter, and new friendships.

And of course, a lot of new rock n roll bands!

Electric drum guitar lessons at the “Eva Music” SCHOOL OF ROCK