How to enroll into Music Academy abroad?

Many high school music students are wondering how difficult it is to enroll into music academy abroad. How do some colleagues do it? We reveal some secrets to you.

ABRSM the biggest music system in the world

ABRSM or Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music is the largest and the oldest music education system both in the UK and in the world. It has existed since 1889.

In almost 100 countries, exams from the initial to the university level are prepared and taken by the same method and the same standards.

She enrolled Music Academy abroad – find out how

We would like you to meet Ada Dzamic. Ada was learning to play piano and violin from ABRSM method and program only. And today she can proudly say that she will be studying music in London, UK, from next year, thanks to the music ABRSM knowledge.

First, let’s meet. What is your name? At what school do you go? Whitch grade?

“My name is Ada Dzamic. I go to Chartwell International School and I am in year 13 which is equivalent to the fourth year of high school in Serbia.“

How long do you play piano?

„I play piano for 14 years, since the age of 4.“

ABRSM program first hand experience

„I finished all 8 grades for both piano and violin, as well as grades 1-6 for music theory. I am now preparing for the diploma for piano and violin. I’ve had an amazing experience with the ABRSM program so far.

ABRSM from A to Z

Through a wide range of pieces from all traditions and styles to choose from, I have had the opportunity to develop my technique and learn about the various historical styles of music, including the backgrounds of each composer. The ABRSM program has significantly helped me with my further education in music.“

ABRSM system from A to Z

In December 2021 you were having audition for Music Colleges and Music Academies in the UK. How much did ABRSM diplomas mean to you ? Did they bring you any extra points?

„ABRSM grades 6-8 have a lot of UCAS points that can be an enormous help for some univerisities and conservatoires. They usually look at that as an official qualification and proof for the level of musical achievements.“

Do you have the information that people around the world hold piano lessons after finishing the 8th grade acourding to ABRSM program? Is that also your plan when you go to study abroad?

„I know various people across the world who teach piano after they have finished grade 8. That is my plan as well when I go to the UK and study.“

How to enroll music academy abroad

Since you speak both English and Serbian, I’m interested in whether it’s easier for you to learn to play the piano through lessons in Serbian or English?

„Personally, I don’t mind which language I have my lessons in. I usually have violin lessons in Serbian, however for piano, since my teacher is originally Serbian but lived and studied in the UK, we like to mix both languages.“

National vs ABRSM system

Have you ever tried to attend a music school according to the national Serbian program? Did you have contact with solfeggio classes and what do you think about it?

„I attended the first two years of music high school in Serbia. Solfedjo was one of my favourite subjects in music school. I think it is a vital part of music, since it develops pitch and rhythm which is the basis of all music.“

What is yours’s super power?

How many hours a day do you exercise? How many times a week do you have piano lessons and how long do they last? Do you think that talent or work is crucial for success in music?

„I usually practice up to 3 hours a day. I have lessons two times a week and they usually last for 1 hour and 30 mins, although my teacher and I sometimes like to prolong the lesson.“

„Whatever we call ’talent’ cannot be realised fully without hardwork and patience. For me the latter is more important.“

Until the publication of this text, Ada received a positive answer from 2 of the 4 Academies to which she applied.

Modify the national into ABRSM diploma and enroll into music academy abroad easier

Yes, it is possible to turn a national into an international diploma. Find out all about it at the following link: Modify your knowledge from Music high school into an internationally recognized ABRSM diploma – Eva Music