Concert of the First international private music school “Eva Music” at the National Museum

It is a great honor that we were invited to be participants in the manifestation “Museums for 10” within the “Museum Night” on May 15, 2021, when the World Museum Night is celebrated all over the world. The recognition of the value of the First Private International Music School by the famous city institutions has given our music school a proof that we are on a good path of providing the highest quality music education in the city and beyond.

Criteria for selecting participants

Since there was no space for all students of our music school to perform at the concert, we made a selection according to the following three criteria:

  • The first criterion was, of course, that the invitation to participate reached the students who were the most prepared at that time, who have worked hard throughout the school year, and who had compositions at a high artistic level.
  • The second criterion was that the invitation to participate reaches the students who have been in our music school for a long time. We wanted to show them our gratitude for the indicated long-term trust.
  • The third criterion was that the invitation reached the students for whom we felt that they lacked motivation for work lately, and for whom we knew that this invitation will bring them a new impetus for practicing.

The last two compositions at the concert were performed by the professors of our private international music school. Which is also one of the traditions of our school. In this music school, professors often perform with their students, which shows them that we still enjoy practicing and playing.

This makes it easier for us to respond to the famous sentence of most students: “I am nervous”, with the sentence “I am too”, and then to find a common mechanism for overcoming anxiety and enjoying making music.

The atrium of the National Museum is one of the most beautiful posters in the city, with beautiful acoustics and exceptional piano. It was an honor to organize a concert in it.

The organization was impeccable. We would like to thank all the participants.

Enjoy the photos from the concert.

Here is a link to the video from this concert: