Bass guitar lessons Belgrade

Some statistics say that one person out of fifty electric guitar students in the world wants to respond to an ad with the text “Belgrade Bass Guitar Lessons”. That is why we take special care of our bass guitar students.

The easiest way to learn to play the bass guitar is for someone who has already played the guitar, either classical or electric. Also, anyone who has learned to play the double bass will easily master the basics of the bass guitar. Because, the double bass is the brother of the bass guitar only in the waters of classical and jazz music. If you recognize yourself in this text, Belgrade bass guitar classes are the right place for you.

What is good that every future bassist has, as well as every future drummer or percussionist, is a good sense of rhythm and meter (pulse). In the first lessons of bass guitar, the basic rhythms are learned, and only then we move on to learning the notes, techniques and basics of music theory. The bass guitar school in our music school has been carefully designed.

Bass guitar lessons Belgrade

Bass guitar lessons for beginners and children Belgrade

In our music school, we work according to the British RSL program, which has an exceptional methodology for learning popular music. It is the same program in 55 countries around the world. In addition to learning chords, notes, and popular songs, this program offers scales, sight reading and basics of improvisation.

Kids love this program. Through fun and familiar melodies, they gradually conquer this dynamic instrument. Work on the technique is present all the time.

Bass guitar lessons for adults Belgrade

Whether you are an absolute beginner, or have some knowledge of playing the bass guitar that you want to systematize – our music school is the perfect place for you.

The schedule is tailored to your needs. It is possible, on days when you do not have time to come to our school, to attend distance learning (online).

The RSL program we are working on does not recognize the age limit, so you will always be in a position to appear before an independent commission from London and get feedback on your playing.

If you are a professional our school is the place for you! We can prepare you for taking the highest grades of bass guitar. With that degree, you will easily find a job abroad. As we have written, RSL diplomas are recognized in 55 countries around the world. You can read more about the notification of diplomas in our text Modify your knowledge from Music high school into an internationally recognized ABRSM diploma – Eva Music

The Role Of the Bass Guitarist In the Band

Bass and drums form the rhythm section that is the backbone of almost all modern pop, rock, folk and jazz bands.

Initially, the electric bass guitar played an almost exclusively supporting role in many music genres. However, through the development of modern music, bassists also improved. So, today we have a lot of orchestras and music groups in which the bass guitar has a leading role. Often, solo parts of bassists are what the audience welcomes with enthusiasm. And remembers for a long time, considering them unique and extremely attractive.

Bass guitar school Belgrade

The History of the Bass Guitar

Back in 1930, Paul Tutmark developed an electric bass similar to the electric guitar, which had frets and was designed to be held and played horizontally. The change to the guitar format has made the instrument easier to use and transport.

Leo Fender then, during the 1950s, with the help of George Fullerton, developed the first mass-produced electric bass. His Fender Precision Bass, introduced in 1951, it became a widely-copied industry standard. Thus, “Fender’s bass” has become a sensational new musical instrument. That is easy to play and transmit and which, when plugged in a suitable amplifier, provides sufficient volume. And sound color. After the company “Fender” and the company “Gibson”, the production of electric bass guitar began. After them many other world-famous manufacturers.

The history of the bass guitar

Famous Bass Guitarists

The history of bass guitar and double bass is made up of numerous artists. They have made bass guitar and / or double bass unique and always recognizable instruments, regardless of their musical environment. We will mention some of the most famous bass guitarists: Jaco Pastorius, Cliff Williams, Marcus Miller, John Enwistle, Flea, Jack Bruce, Paul McCartney, Tal Wikenfeld, Larry Graham, Robert Trujillo …. Some of the most important and influential double bass players are: Charles Mingus, Ron Carter, Ray Brown, Eddie Gomez, Garry Karr, Paul Chambers, Esperanca Spalding, Renaud Garcia-Fons …

Famous female bass players

These are some of the most famous bass players in the history of rock music. In parentheses are the bands in which they have performed or continue to perform: Laura Kennedy (Bush Tetras), Rhonda Smith (Prince, Jeff Beck), Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), Juliana Hatfield (Blake Babies, Lemonheads, Solo), Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club).

Famous female bass players

Why Come To Eva Rock School?

We nurture an individual approach to each student, with the desire to nourish the existing musical potential. And develop all the necessary skills and abilities to successfully deal with music. Our professors are motivated. They are highly professional in dedicating themselves to all participants regardless of their or age.

When they have mastered the instrument, knowledge of notes and harmony to a sufficient extent, participants have the opportunity to join existing school bands. And to have their public performances. Our school also has two professional music studios where. Iif necessary, both individual performances and group performances of our students can be recorded.

Bass guitar lessons Belgrade price

The first bass guitar lesson in our school is free.

You can see the price list at this link, and you can see more information about us on our Facebook page and Instagram page.

Eva Music School is located in Dedinje, Belgrade.

Distance has never been an obstacle when someone wants quality. We can be proud of having students from all over Belgrade, but also from Serbia. Zemun is not too far if you want the best for yourself or your child.

We would be glad if you could become a part of our music story and treat your child or yourself to music education of the best quality in Belgrade.

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