5 types of students in Eva Rock School

In October 2021, we opened a Rock School for everyone who wants to learn to play electric guitar, bass guitar, drums or modern piano through the individual approach and top professionalism of our professors. After a few months, we realized that 5 types of students are coming to us. We are sharing our experience with you.

The first type of student: an amateur who wants a formal modern education

Whether they are self-taught or went to music school for a couple of lessons, these students are playing an instrument as a hobby not professionally. They come with previous knowledge but have flaws in the technical parts of playing. They don’t read or read notes very little and they lack speed. This students are greeted by our motivated and professional professors and through American and British textbooks, an individual approach, helping them to overcome the current barrier and climb to the next level of playing.

Electric guitar lessons Belgrade, Dedinje

The second type of student: a professional looking for advanced training

Due to the top staff we gathered, we expected this type of student to contact us. These are our colleagues, musicians with decades of experience in playing, who actively perform on the club scene of Belgrade or actively record studio albums, but they lack a formal music education. They feel that they have reached their limit and they need to go a step further. They are interested in the RSL British rock school program we are working on and they want to get a diploma that is recognized all over the world. After that they will stand side by side with world music names.

Vlada Novičić bass guitar teacher and Neša Ković bass player

The third type of student: disappointed in another school, looking for a more serious approach

This student has already learned to play the electric guitar, bass guitar, drums or modern piano, but in another school that had a less systematic approach, less professional staff or simply exclusively group lessons He come to us with lost motivation, starting from the fact that his non-progress is exclusively his fault, and with a rather shaken self-confidence. All that changes after a few hours. His knowledge grows, his motivation returns and he starts to love practicing and playing again.

Fourth type of student: child beginner – hobbyist

Parents whose children want to learn to play electric guitar, bass guitar, drums or modern piano call us and they chose us because we have the best staff and the best atmosphere in the city. It is clear to them that it will not be the future occupation of their children, but they want to enrich their lives with a new skill – they want to develop their focus, intelligence and creativity, and to influence the type of music that the child will choose to listen to.

Modern guitar lessons Belgrade, Dedinje

The fifth type of student: a child who is looking for his future occupation

We also get calls from children who have either already learned to play a musical instrument, or come from a family of musicians, and they certainly have pronounced musical abilities and the music simply draws them. They are ready to work, they are motivated, and at the mention of the public performance, their hearts beat and their smiles flicker from ear to ear. In this case, the most important thing is the trust between the professor and the parents, and that the parent leaves the leadership to the educated teacher.

If you want to join us and become a part of our rock school, write to us at info@evamusic.rs or call 063/558517 and 065/4499727 and schedule your first, free introductory class.


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