Why 2 times a week musical instrument lessons are our choice?

We will immediately add: on the program of classical music.

In the modern music program, classes are held once a week.

Why? Because the modern department enrolls:

  • or older children, who are more emotionally mature and have a stronger internal motivation to work,
  • or children who have already played an instrument and have already acquired working habits.
  • or adult participants who do not need as much external motivation as children.

Musical instrument lessons – our experience

There are currently 17 teachers working at the First International Music School “Eva Music”. All our experiences show that musical instrument lessons give different results in relation to whether they take place at home or in a music school. Private lessons, according to our vast experience, most often bring children to some basic knowledge – at most the second grade of a lower music school. And they stop there. While they stay in music schools for an average of five years or more.

This happens for many reasons, and in this text we will single out the most important ones.

In private lessons, children usually learn in the comfort of their own home, where they do not perceive the teacher as a strong enough authority. They do not have the opportunity to hear other peers, to compare themselves, and therefore to develop a healthy competitive spirit. And we come to the main thing: private lessons usually take place only once a week, not twice a week, as we know from our experience that it is necessary to keep a child in the sphere of classical music for a long time. Read more about the advantages of school versus private lessons here: Music school vs private instrument lessons – Eva Music

5 reasons why musical instrument lessons should happen twice a week:

The first reason: Continuity – do you go to the gym once a week and expect results?

Not. Any trainer will tell you that to keep in shape you need to go to the gym at least two or three times a week, and to progress from three to six. It’s the same with music.

It is ideal to practice music every day. As routine, as hygiene habits. That’s when progress is fastest and we get the most out of ourselves and our talent. However, even two or three times a week if we dedicatedly practice a musical instrument will be enough for progress, but below that progress will not be seen.

Since most families lead busy lives, parents often have long working hours or work two jobs, children have several hobbies – there is less and less time to practice an instrument at home.

Coming to the Music School and working with the teacher twice a week provides the necessary minimum continuity in work that will lead to results. Why is the result important? Continue reading further.

The seconf reason: The result – neither children nor adults like to invest time and effort in something without seeing the results

Would you continue to go to the gym without seeing results after a few months? We’re sure you wouldn’t. It’s the same in music.

If you pay for private lessons for your child and the teacher comes at home, it is very likely that these lessons will be once a week, which is not enough for progress. Often, the lessons will be canceled, they will not be compensated: because of the child’s illness, because of family trips, there are a million reasons – the result is missing.

In our carefully designed program of classes and regular public performances, we guarantee exam preparation by avoiding the question that no child likes: “Have you practiced?”

The third reason: Motivation – when the results of the work arrive, the child’s motivation increases

We often hear from parents – my child has lost motivation. He doesn’t want to do music anymore. He no longer wants to play a musical instrument.

Motivation decreases when there are no results. There are no results if there is no continuity in work.

Children, much more than adults, need external motivation. You will find the best external motivation in a good teacher, working in a good system, controlled by a music school.

See our price list and schedule a free consultation: Price list – Eva Music

Give your child a royal musical education.

The fourth reason: Self-confidence – when results and motivation come, the child’s self-confidence automatically increases

Each of us adults would lose self-confidence in a situation when we do something, we don’t see results and our motivation drops.

Musical instrument lessons for parents are an ideal training ground for the development of their child’s self-confidence.

Children’s self-confidence grows when they step out of their comfort zone, manage to learn a new skill that they thought was difficult at first and achieve success.

Along with the musical instrument lessons at the music school, the child gets the opportunity to perform at public concerts, as one of the most precious experiences in life. After the concerts at the music school, every subsequent public performance in front of an audience will be easier for children. Whether it’s a recitation, a play in elementary school or a job competition in the future.

The Fifth reason: Endurance – playing an instrument is not a sprint but a marathon

In today’s time when we live fast, when information changes quickly, when we eat fast food and look for faster and faster solutions for everyday life – working on something whose methodology has not changed for centuries, and which restores focus to children – is more valuable than anything else.

At first, you may think that driving your child to and from musical instrument lessons even twice a week will take a lot of time. Now just think how much it will contribute to your child, and help him to regain his lost focus and improve concentration in today’s fast time.

The child will see that you persist in your desire to provide him with the highest quality musical education. Children learn by example. And you will give him the best possible example.

Also, learning a musical instrument is not a sprint, but a marathon. Mastering this skill takes time. It takes commitment.

While video games provide daily quick fixes, and while the hormone of happiness is secreted faster and faster, and more often, music school will provide you with a much-needed balance.

Read about the British Royal ABRSM program we work under in our School of Music. ABRSM Belgrade – the teaching program we use at the music school Eva (evamusic.rs)

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