Violin lessons – major adventages and less known benefits of taking violin lessons for children, teenagers and adults

Many dream about performing their favorite melody on a musical instrument with excellence and confidence. If you could choose any instrument and suddenly know how to play it, which instrument would you choose? If the violin lessons came to your mind – you are in the right place! In this text, we will talk about violin lessons and the benefits and advantages that violin lessons bring for children, teenagers and adults.

What prevent you from attending violin lessons?

You may think that violins are surrounded by a romantic aura of mysticism, that they are too expensive, or that they are just too difficult to play.

Yes, the sound of the violin is one of the most beautiful sounds in the orchestra and equally mystical and romantic. The violin is also called the “queen of all instruments”.

However, the opinion that it is too difficult to play or that the instruments are too expensive is not completely correct. Learning to play any instrument is demanding in the beginning, but with the right teacher, adequate program and school it becomes much easier.

Violin prices range from very affordable to more expensive, but even the most expensive instrument is a great investment because the price of the violin never drops.

Violin lessons and the benefits it brings with it

You may be surprised to discover that violin lessons has a handful of great benefits; learning to play the violin, like any endeavor, leads to an increase in self-confidence as well as to the unique tools and knowledge that benefit us for the rest of our lives.

Why you should choose violin lessons according to ABRSM program?

The ABRSM violin teaching system provides complete support for learning the violin, such as providing all necessary music material and participation in exams with certificates recognized in over 90 countries around the world.

Centre for Musical Arts “EVA” offers all this the opportunity to perform at four concerts a year, which creates an additional sense of motivation before the concert and achievements after the concert, which is great for children, teenagers and adults.

Individual violin lessons – ABRSM teaching system at firt international private music school “Eva”

On the other hand, the teaching is individual and flexible, adjusted to the schedule of other obligations of the students, as well as in private violin lessons.

Here are some of the benefits of violin lessons for all ages:

Advantages of attending violin lessons for children

Young children often become fascinated with learning to play the violin, and if so, they should be encouraged. The physical, mental, and social benefits of playing a musical instrument are well-known, but the violin offers some rather surprising additions.

Improved Memory and Attention Span

Many studies have been conducted on the benefits of playing the violin or some other musical instrument. A recent study by the McMaster University’s Institute for Music and the Mind found that musical training, even one year’s worth, positively impacts the memory and attention span.

Better Overall Mental Function and Health

Experts agree that musical training improves:

  • reading skills,
  • language processing,
  • speech and
  • a variety of brain functions.

In December 2014, the Journal of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry released Dr. James Hudziak’s findings on enhanced brain development, and how playing a violin can help children battle psychological disorders.

Sensory Development

Long-term high level musical training has a broader impact than previously thought. Researchers found that musicians have an enhanced ability to integrate sensory information from hearing, touch, and sight.

Social Skills

The benefits of playing the violin are also social. Not only does it provide a conversational point, but young children gain self-discipline from repeated practice. There is also amazing benefits from having something in their lives that they can control. Learning to play violin can build:

  • self-reliance,
  • self-esteem and
  • self-awareness – qualities

which make them well-liked and well-adjusted.

Benefits of attending violin lessons for teens

Even if you don’t start early, anyone can learn to play the violin, no matter his or her age.

Anyone can learn to play the violin, no matter his or her age, at first international private music school “Eva”

In fact, many teens look to broaden their skills and enhance their college applications with a variety of extra-curricular activities.

A Sense of Belonging

Many adolescents benefit from learning the violin because of the social belonging it provides. Playing in an orchestra requires group coordination, attention, and uniform dress, which can be a vast relief from the constant pressures and angst of being a teenager.

An Emotional Outlet

Playing the violin offers the opportunity to release your feelings, something that teens can sometimes find very difficult to do in a constructive manner.

Physical Benefits

Concerts and contests provide opportunities for achievement and the physical benefits of playing the violin are the same as for younger children.

  • Better posture,
  • stronger upper body strength and
  • improved motor skills

are engendered through practice.

The physical exertion is lessened through proper body placement.

Violin lessons for adults

In addition to all of the mental and physical benefits of playing the violin, adults who decide to attend violin lessons gain added advantages.

Reduced Stress

Lower levels of depression, anxiety, and other stress related health problems. Playing the violin is an excellent stress reliever and a great way to enlarge your social circle.

Improved Posture

Today’s sedentary lifestyle leaves many adults with unhealthy spines and terrible, pain-inducing posture. Playing the violin calls for exemplary posture. Learning how to stand properly while playing can translate to improved posture all the time.

Let playing the violin become a reality

The mental, emotional, and physical benefits of playing the violin are definitely worth the time and effort it takes to learn this instrument.
With our professional teachers within the ABRSM system of private violin lessons, we are at your disposal so you can realize your dream of playing the violin, gain a better understanding of music and just have fun, or find the ideal incentive for the optimal development of your child.