The flute lessons at first international private music school “Eva Music”

The history, methodology, program and personel

The flute lessons are for all those who enjoys in very sensual sound of this instrument.

The flute belongs to the family of woodwind instruments. Is it true?

Yes, it is. The flute belongs to the family of woodwind instruments, because in early history it was made of wood. Throughout years, it went through many changes. But the main thing remained the same: a tube with holes for controlling the note height and a mouthpiece where the tone is produced.

Transverse and block flute. What is the difference?

There are two types of flute, defined by the way we hold the instrument in our hands:

  • transverse flute
  • block flute

The block flute has a mouthpiece which directly blows air into the embouchure hole and it’s where the wind makes a tone.

Block flute

Unlike block flute, transverse flute has an on-side opening into which the air is blown from aside. For the air reed to be formed, the modern flute has a mouthpiece, located right under the lip and makes getting a tone much easier.

Modern flute

The flute is said to be the queen of the wind instruments. Why?

The modern flute is usually made out of metal and has claps over the openings, with a mechanism which provides easy playing and virtuosity on which many other wind instruments envy the flute. Due to the easyness of playing virtuous elements, its flexibility and the tone similar to human voice the flute is called the queen of of the wood instruments.

You can describe all the moods and emotions on the flute and the modern playing techniques offer a variety of possibilities in expressing your feelings.

The flute sound feels good to everyone 

Unlike other woodwind instruments, the flute requires no effort for making pressure nor for choosing reed. When a flutist chooses a suitable mouthpiece, the only thing he has to do is enjoy making eternal, warm and gentle sound.

The sound of the flute feels good to everyone

The sound of the flute is very sensual and feels good to everyone. When I was a little girl, I was charmed by that sound and decided to play the flute. At the age of only 8 I was certain that the flute would be my profession, after the first test class.

What is piccolo?

Piccolo is the smallest instrument in the flute family and produces the highest tones. It contains of 2 parts:

  • the head and
  • the body.

It is usually made of metal- silver, but there are also those made of wood for the professional musicians. It has many uses. It can be played solo but you can most often hear it on the symphony orchestra.

It is also used in military orchestras because it is easy to carry around. The sound is extremely high and noticeable equally with the other instruments. It usually describes the sound of the birds and is extremely virtuous which makes it so special.

Two sisters play music together in the first international private music school “Eva”

Those who learn to play the flute in later years also learn to play the piccolo because the technique is very similar.

What is the ideal age for the first flute lessons?

The ideal time to start playing this magnificent instrument is at the age of 8. Lungs capacity is formed as well as the shape of hands and the most important thing, the jaw and the upper lip position.

Professor Saska presents the flute to the children

Modern learning methodology now offers the possibility to even younger students to try to play the flute, thanks to the instrument making companies. They recognized the potential of younger players and constructed many learning supplies and instruments than can easily be played by the four-year olds.

Flute lessons for the youngest players in the music school “Eva Music”

At the first private international music school „Eva Music” we can proudly emphasize the work with the youngest players and extremely inspiring and specialized teachers.

At „Eva Music“ private international school the students enrol with the flute classes at the earliest age and very soon they learn to play on their own.

Open doors in the “Eva” music school – children try instruments

The youngest first make a very trustworthy contact with the teacher through games in learning notes and rhythmical exercises where they copy what teachers show them.

The flute lessons are formed so that the students fall in love with music

Our teacher, Aleksandra Stevanović created the classes so that the students fall in love with music in the first place and enjoy playing. The ABRSM programe we work by at the first private international music school „Eva Music“ allows her to just the thing.

The teacher watches the abilities of each child and chooses the program and the dynamics of students progression. At our music school we make children musically literate very quickly, not expecting parents to engage with practicing and study with their kids.

Our flute classes require different methods of learning the basic things (notes, rhythm), so the youngest are able to produce tones and play with piano accompaniment. Also, the very important thing is the teachers and students singing while learning to play the flute.

When are students ready for their first public appearances?

General rehearsal before the concert

The children who attend the flute classes become ready for public appearances shortly after the first class. It is because of the great ABRSM program.

Student of the music school “Eva” Maria at the concert

It provides both students and teachers to enjoy their flute lessons through a relaxing playing. There are no deadlines for exams. When the student is ready, he takes his exam.

Learning solfegio on flute lessons

Another helpful thing of the ABRSM program is the fact that there are no separate solfegio classes. It means solfegio is learnt through playing and that is how children get the complete knowledge.

The students can show their abilities and use it while playing which is the most important thing with the youngest flutists. This is how the theory of music comes out of practice and the two spheres are united in the learning process of our students.

Sight reading on the flute classes

During the flute classes at our music school the students keep advancing their ability of reading notes by constant list reading. It offers them to be in touch with new compositions over and over again, which is extremely motivating.

Online flute lessons, yes or no?

Online classes can also be very creative if students had previously had classes in private school. Especially at the beginning of school years. If they can play on their own, meaning they can produce a fine tone and hold the flute correctly, they can attend the online classes.

Online classes – music school “Eva”

It is usually accompanied by the piano, via video sent to the students by the teacher, which is motivating and supportive while students play the flute. And it is very significant in hearing development.

If they are motivated enough and supported by their parents, even the beginners can successfully learn to play this instrument through online classes.

The inner and harmonic hearing development on the flute classes

At our school the flute classes provide the inner and harmonic hearing development. Teachers do it by constantly playing both the flute and the piano, but also by singing the melodies. It turned out to be a very interesting way of learning and accepting lessons.

Both girls and boys are welcome to the flute lessons

The flute is an ideal instrument for both girls and boys and they are equally successful.

Our main goal on the flute classes is to make the children in love with music

The flute classes at the first private school „Eva Music” which works by the ABRSM program allow the children to start making tones regardless of their age.

flute lessons professor with student
Flute teacher Saska with a student

They accept the basics pretty fast, with games in a more than pleasant atmosphere on classes. The most important thing is that the kids start loving music and flute and feel the magic of this impressive instrument in their own playing.