Summer Art Camp

For children aged 6 to 12 years

  • Acting
  • Foreign language (Italian or Spanish)
  • Learning the instrument (the piano and the guitar)
  • Drawing
  • Choral singing

In a pleasant ambience and with the creative team of your professors, your kids will have the opportunity to sing, act, learn languages and play an instrument in order to develop imagination, creativity and artistic aesthetics.

Piano lessons

The Art Camp gathers children of similar affinities and interests. It is ideal for children who have desire for art. Parents have a chance to give their children the opportunity to try out different arts in one place, and then get a feedback for which special branch of art the child is gifted. This will help parents to choose a child’s hobby, and who knows, maybe a future profession.

We have a lot of fun!

When is The Art Camp Eva?

Every first 2 weeks of the July.

In which language is the camp?

English and Serbian.

Little wonders of Art

What is the daily schedule of Camp?

8.30-9.00 gathering in the premises of the center
9.00-10.15 choir singing class
10.15-10: 30 fruit snack break
10.30-12: 00 drama lesson
12.00-12.30 fine arts class
12: 30-13: 00 lunch and rest break
13.00-14.00 language lesson of your choice
14.00-15.00 music lesson of choice
15.00-15.30 pick up the kids

We have a top team of pedagogues

What is the content of the classes?

All classes are in the form of group lessons. The final event is planned for every Friday afternoon. Each Camp has one theme around which we build an activity. Whether it’s “Treasure Hunt” or some other inspirational book.

How to enroll?

Write to us at We will send you a application form and will add your child to the list of the children for Art Camp.


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