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Piano lessons Belgrade – one of the most popular instruments in music schools.

It invites children with its attractive black-and-white smile and pleasant sound. Also, easy song that is quickly created under one or more deft fingers.

In the text in front of us, we will introduce you to piano lessons at the International Music School “Eva”. Which is known for its dedication and individual approach.

Piano lessons Belgrade – individual approach

As it is already known, in “Eva music school” instrument lessons are individual. This means that we have the opportunity to approach each child in a unique way – depending on age and emotional maturity. But also, concentration and current mood.

Our school is open to all ages and adapts to your needs.

When it comes to learning an instrument, one should be aware. It is a process that takes years. During that time, children grow up, and professors are there to guide them. Work on improving their weak points and encourage and advance their virtues.

We all have a desire for our students to progress quickly. But it is not uncommon for children to give the impression of stagnation in learning for months. It happens that both parents and children want to give up. But then maturation occurs, the difficulty is suddenly overcome, and the child and the teacher get extra motivation to move on.

Our pedagogical experience, knowledge and the ability to recognize that this will happen help us the most in overcoming such crises. That is why children at Eva Music School very rarely give up. Other private music schools often offer freer access to teaching. Unlike them, you will notice progress with us in a few hours.

Public appearances and internationally recognized exams

Piano lessons Belgrade Eva Music School - public performances and internationally recognized exams

An additional incentive for all our students is the four concerts during the school year. They are there to motivate children to work and progress. But also, to help them overcome their fear through public appearances. Concerts are a wonderful opportunity to socialize! And also, events where we all look forward to common achievements.

In addition to concerts, there is also the possibility of taking internationally recognized exams of the British ABRSM method. Exams at the end of each year are important. Children can formally complete their progress and receive comments from an objective and highly professional commission.

Piano lessons Belgrade

Piano lessons Belgrade Eva Music School - ABSRM method

Nowadays, when the offer of music teaching is great, parents are faced with a big dilemma. What kind of teaching to choose? The decision is mostly influenced by location and price.

Belgrade is a big city. Where music and learning music is very accessible. Starting with a very popular guitar, through piano lessons and other instruments. Private lessons in 2022 have already been surpassed because the market is more demanding, and everyone wants a complete package of lessons. It must include regular evaluations and public appearances.

What we suggest is that you always inquire about the experience and work of future teachers of your children. Without a complete approach that includes working on understanding, techniques, and public speaking opportunities, your child may not acquire knowledge. He or she will be able to upgrade or apply in the future. Taking exams according to the internationally recognized ABRSM method for us as a school is an additional confirmation. Our students take them with one hundred percent pass, and a large number of them with the highest grades.

Why piano lessons are different from other instruments

Piano lessons Belgrade Eva Music School - differences between piano lessons and other instruments

Beethoven is known to have said that piano lessons are the easiest at the beginning. And the hardest at the end.

At the beginning, it is the easiest because the instrument is tempered. In the starting position each race is under a separate finger and already in the first class the result is there – several songs are arranged in the children’s repertoire.

Due to such an efficient beginning, in which it is enough to know how to count the duration of a note, we often say that learning the piano does not require particularly developed hearing. But a sense of rhythm that plays a much more important role.

However, already during the first year of study, the requirements become much more complicated.

Unlike most instruments, which mostly perform only the main melody, it is necessary to play the accompaniment on the piano at the same time.

What is melody and what is the accompaniment?

The main melody is the part of music that attracts the most attention because it is the basis around which other elements are built.

The accompaniment is less conspicuous, but without it, the melody itself would not have support and its beauty and significance could not be fully expressed.

From this we can conclude that students who play the piano will soon face greater memory and motor challenges. As both hands play different musical texts, students must memorize many more different notes.

What sets the teaching at the First International Music School “Eva” apart from others is the way we help our students succeed in that.

From day one, students are helped to improve their memory through the structure of music. Its form and harmony. What is even more important, by connecting all these elements, they will recognize the basic laws in each subsequent composition with the help of the teacher, and by applying the already acquired knowledge, they will reach the next result faster.

The elements of the melody are done by reading the notes in rhythm and understanding the basic metrics of the beat. This means that we have implemented important elements of solfeggio teaching and theory in teaching that help students learn to read notes quickly. Solfeggio as a separate subject is a burden for students, but as an applied skill and part of the class, it is a very important link in learning.

Without knowledge of the musical structure of smaller and larger units, it is not possible to fully understand and interpret a single piece of music.

In addition to working on understanding music, our school also systematically works on piano technique.

Piano technique – part of piano lessons Belgrade

Piano lessons Belgrade Eva Music School - piano technique

A very important element of playing an instrument is good technique. Good technique first means a relaxed state of the whole body. As a result of this natural approach, the sound of the piano is warm and beautiful, and the tones are uniform.

In the first phase of piano lessons, the most important thing is to build a good portato tone in children. Portato is an unrelated playing of tones where most work is done on free fall of the hand. Fixing the tip of the finger and listening to the quality of the tone.

When good contact is established with the instrument, work begins on the independence of the fingers and the associated playing – the legacy. This means that the student works on connecting the melody without interruption in the sound, while remaining well grounded in the race with the help of the whole hand.

During the work on the technique, the work on the development of hearing in young pianists begins. Although each tone is tempered, the richness of the piano sound has a wide range. By constantly checking the quality of the tone, the student eventually gets used to the sound standard that needs to be achieved.

What is important to say is that in piano lessons we try to make all technical elements work through musical requirements. Because all work on technique must first and foremost be in the function of understanding music.

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