Parental experience

Nevena Kurtović, Eva’s Parental experience from 2016th

“Eva is a school that I would recommend to anyone ever thinking about playing an instrument. Ana and Vesna should be very proud as we all are of them. The way they are succeeding and the dedication to all of us is something that will keep us in Eva for a truly long time.“

Flute lessons Belgrade, parent’s experience

Mara Rutherford, Eva’s mom since 2017th

My son really wanted a formal music education, so we came to the music school` Eva Music`! “

Public performances motivate kids

Milica Čalija, mom of our three students

“We came to ‘Eva’ on the open day because of the older child. Turned out that the younger one fell in love with the flute at first sight.

Flute teacher is such that music and playing are in the first place, and elements of solfeggio are also learned through music. I don’t know what magic, but I don’t have to make a child who learns the flute in Eva practice at all!

Concert of our music school at National Museum, may 2020.

Martina Kvarantan Šmitran, Eva’s mom from 2019th

“Maintaining the boy’s attention for half an hour, while offering him knowledge and curiosity in discovering music, is not an easy task.

But when it’s more than a job, when it’s a calling and a passion, then it seems seemingly easy.

A smile before the concert at the Kolarac Gallery

Marko Simić, our adult participant

“Apart from the ABRSM program that the school offers, visiting the website of the music school` Eva Music`, I immediately felt sincerity.

I met Ana and Vesna a few days after my initial e-mail, I immediately felt their pedagogical energy and left the interview with a big smile. “

Marko Simic plays at Belgrade Schopin Festival, 2019th

Ivan Zoranović, our adult principal

“That child in me, terrified by the possibility of finally finishing the long-abandoned lower music school, decided to enroll in` EVA`. The first meeting with Vesna and Ana gave me confidence that my fear would be overcome.

I would, with their help , successfully overcome all psychological and technical obstacles on the way to your ultimate goal. “

Cello lessons Belgrade


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