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You need music lessons over the summer in Belgrade? You are on the right place.

Summer is a period when both children and adults are relieved of obligations that are becoming more and more extensive during the school year. This is the ideal time to start music lessons.

Our music school “Eva Music” gives you the opportunity to learn to play piano, violin and saxophone during the summer. Both live and online. In Belgrade, lessons take place in our beautiful house in Dedinje. If you are outside Belgrade, then you can work online with our professors.

The tempo of music lessons during the summer is usually once a week, during July and August. If you are interested in lessons several times per week, it is possible to make an agreement.

Piano lessons over the summer for children and adults

Many families are calling us for piano lessons during the summer. Many of them come to Belgrade during their summer vacation and want their children (or they) to work with the most professional staff in the fantastic conditions of our house in Dedinje.

For families living outside their country, this is an ideal opportunity for their little ones to practice their mother language. If they come in late June or early July, they are often part of our Summer Art Camp. The camp is intended for children aged 6 to 12 who are prone to art.

Piano lessons over the summer are not only for children and those who live outside our country. This is the period when it is an ideal opportunity to realize your dream. Traffic is less, there are fewer obligations at work, which is a fantastic moment to start (or continue) a new (or old) hobby.

Piano lessons over the summer – Belgrade

Saxophone lessons over the summer for children and adults

We are one of the 3 Music Schools in Belgrade that offers systematized saxophone lessons. And the only one in Belgrade that offers saxophone lessons during the summer. For both children and adults.

A two-month break is enough to master the basic breathing technique and play the first melodies on the saxophone. If you already play the saxophone, two months during the summer is an ideal opportunity to perfect playing this instrument.

At our school, you can attend classes at a very high level. In addition to saxophone lessons, piano rehearsals are also provided, if the saxophone professor estimates that you are ready for that step.

Saxophone lesson over the summer – Belgrade

Violin lessons over the summer for children and adults

Our violin teacher was the first of all of us at the Music School “Eva Music” to learn the magic of music lessons over the summer.

He started working full time three years ago during the summer vacation. His students were the most successful of all during the school year. In addition to regular classes, festivals and concerts, they also prepared for domestic and international competitions.

This summer, he is waiting for both children and adults to tell them the secrets of playing this wonderful instrument.

If you are in Belgrade, write to us at or call us at +38163/558517 and schedule your classes.

Violin lessons over the summer – Belgrade

To whom the lessons over the summer are intended?

For both children and adults. For both absolute beginners and professionals.

For those who attend the state music school and do not want to lose continuity during the summer holidays. For those who are in Belgrade only during the holidays. For all of you who want to use your free time to master musical magic – we are here.

For learning music – there is no better time than summer. In July and August, the pace of life slows down. This improves the focus. You would not believe what leaps in musical development can occur during the two months of summer.

In our music school we work according to the British Royal ABRSM program. However, it is possible to adjust the instrument lessons during the summer and practice with the children according to the national program.

Of course, there are also classes for advanced players called masterclasses, which are composed of higher level compositions.

The price of music lessons over the summer?

The price of one individual lesson of any instrument is 30 euros (45 minutes). One to one.

However, we have provided you with a discount! A package of 8 individual lessons of all instrument (45 minutes each) now costs only 210 euros! 8 lessons, once a week, is an ideal measure for music lessons over the summer, especially for adult students.

You can see the price list for children here: Tuition Fees – Eva Music School

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