Modern piano lessons Belgrade

Modern piano lessons Belgrade – Something completely NEW in the First International Private Music School “Eva music” in Belgrade! As part of the rock department, we present you modern piano lessons!

Modern piano lessons Belgrade – program at the International Music School “Eva Music”

The course is intended for all ages. Especially for those who do not want to learn this instrument through classical music.

Genre-wise, he relies on pop, rock, funk and jazz music.

In addition to technical mastery of the instrument, the student learns modern harmony and improvisation, which he slowly implements in his musical vocabulary. This knowledge should enable him to play a song or composition “on the ear” quickly. And easily over time, without notes. After that to improvise through its harmonic changes.

Teaching involves learning notes and musical text, rhythm and chord sets, without which further progress is not possible.

Classes are individual. Lessons are adapted to the current musical knowledge of students. You can always use a classical piano or piano to work at home.

In teaching, we use the internationally recognized RSL program , whose experts have introduced numerous innovations in the teaching of modern music.

What is an RSL program?

The focus of the RSL program is to work on a modern repertoire of different styles. Jazz, blues, funk, rock or pop. Modern scales such as the blues or the pentatonic scales are used as the basis for technical exercises.

In addition, they work on the techniques of sight reading and improvisation. And the focus is on the development of hearing and the skills of observation and reproduction.

As an integrated part of the class, students can use backing tracks. So in the initial stages of the class they will not have to wait to gather a band to have a sense of playing together.

The diploma obtained after passing the exam is recognized in 63 countries of the world. You can continue your education according to the same program without any problems. Thanks to modern technologies and the ability to study for the exam, and take the exam online, there are no limits to this method.

Stylish piano and / or keyboards?

Modern piano lessons Belgrade – all about it!

The RSL method offers two programs for racing instruments. You can opt for one or combine piano and keyboard programs .

The program of these two instruments is essentially indistinguishable. As both the piano and keyboards in modern music are important both as solo instruments and as part of the rhythm section.

What distinguishes the teaching of the keyboard is the additional focus on getting acquainted with various color techniques and effects that can only be achieved on this instrument.

These two programs can be learned separately. But also in parallel or one and then another, in case the student has the desire to master both ways of playing.

Moder piano lessons Belgrade – For who are intended for?

Modern piano classes are intended for both groups. Beginners and those with certain prior knowledge or professionals.

Children as well as adults.

Modern piano lessons Belgrade – children and adults too

When it comes to beginners, it is desirable to lay the foundation of piano technique in a classical way. Arm and hand position, learning notes as well as setting basic articulations. Although the resistance of the key on modern and classical instruments is different, there are no essential differences in the setting of the technique.

After the initial systematization, the students who already have prior knowledge continue where they left off.

Differences between classical and modern piano or keyboard

Unlike the teaching of the classical instrument where the focus is on reproduction and interpretation, on the modern piano this image spreads in several directions.

The role of modern piano variants is rarely exclusively solo. As it is in classical music, and therefore the performer must be ready to jump into several different roles – sometimes at the same time.

Namely, modern music ensembles have a rhythm and a solo section. The rhythm section includes drums, bass guitars, guitars and piano / keyboards. And the solo section includes all selected melodic instruments.

The rhythm section performs the rhythmic-harmonic base of the composition. While the solo sections alternate over it. The piano has a mutual role, so it is not uncommon for a piano player to play part of the rhythm section in the left hand and the solo section in the right.

What does piano or keyboard instruction mean?

Given the dual function of keyboard instruments, the focus in learning is placed on both harmony and improvisation.

The basics of harmony are done through technical mastering of chord technique. As well as through the science of harmony and work on leading voices within chord structures.

Melodic lines are made through getting to know different scales that are used in modern music and which are a prerequisite for working on improvisation.

In addition to all this, the teaching of keyboards also works on specific colors and effects that contribute even more to both the soloist and the sound of the entire ensemble in which the keyboard participates.

Modern piano lessons Belgrade – Public performances and concerts

Concerts in our school are an indispensable part of the school year. On them, all participants have the opportunity to show what they have learned, and at the same time they hear and get to know their colleagues better.

At the department of modern music, there is an additional possibility to organize school bands. Before the public performances, they will have the opportunity to gather several times and experience the real atmosphere of the rock band.

This is especially interesting for younger students who choose the modern department both because of the modern repertoire and because of this experience.

But before we come to that part, we all need to learn our basics.

The first class of modern piano in our school is free

At the International Music School “Eva Music”, the first class is free, and you can schedule it on the contact form down, phone numbers 063558517 and 0654499727, as well as via email .

There are messages through the pages of our social networks, too: Facebook and Instagram .

Online teaching of modern piano and keyboards

If you do not live in Belgrade or for some reason you can not attend a live class every time, there is always the possibility of online lessons.

It is enough to have an instrument at home. The teacher comes to you via the selected video application.

Modern piano lessons Belgrade – who are our teachers?

The teachers of modern piano in our school are classically educated musicians who have additional knowledge and experience in modern music.

They will give you the best possible wings to be free in music and improvise. But also valid knowledge of how to achieve it.


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