Master Classes

After forming a great Eva team and setting high criteria for our school’s goals, we wanted to contribute to the community. We knew that we had the energy, the ability and most importantly the will. We wanted to organize master classes of world-known artists but in a new way.

Series of piano Master Classes in
International Centre for Musical Arts “Eva”

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to a new series of Master Classes at the International Center for Music “Eva”.

Thanks to the new concert piano, which was completely repaired during the summer of 2023, during 2024 we plan to host the best domestic pianists in the already familiar form of Master classes.

We start the series of piano master classes with one of the most famous domestic pianists, Aleksandar Serdar, a professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.

Professor Serdar will hold a master class on February 24 in the premises of the International Music School “Eva Music”.

The price of one lesson is 6000 dinars. More than one lesson can be purchased.

The price of passive listening is 1000 dinars per day, and for professors who bring their students, passive listening is free.

The deadline for applications is February 15 to or to the phone number: 064 54 30 331.

Baritone David Bizic was the first who trusted us

Until then, colleagues and students were accustomed to holding master classes mostly within state institutions.

When we announced that the world-famous baritone David Bizic, who at that time sang the main role in the Metropolitan Opera in New York (in the opera “Bohemian”), was coming to hold a master class right in our center – everyone was surprised. It was something new for our community.

Thanks to David Bizic for the master class held at the "Eva music" private music school
Baritone David Bizic in the company of the famous accompanist Dragana Andjelic Bunjac and the director of the center Ana Rancic

We have contributed to the community from the private sector

After the first surprise, colleagues and students slowly started to apply. They timidly called to inquire about the organization and all of them were pleased with our efficiency and accuracy. In the end, the number of places was filled and we had a waiting list.

Students and professional singers from all over Serbia came. From Subotica, Novi Sad, through Belgrade, Kragujevac and Nis. They had the opportunity to meet their role model and to progress and upgrade their knowledge by working with him.

Master classes – active participation

Active participation of the master class means that the student has an individual lesson with a professor during which he can directly receive advices. Advices on:

  • improving his playing or singing technique,
  • way of practicing,
  • as well as suggestions on understanding the musical work – its dynamics, articulation and interpretation.

The bonus that our professors always provide to students is advice in the form of behavior at large auditions and entrance exams, types of music markets in the world and personal professional experience of lecturers.

Active participation in the master class at the music school "Eva Music" with professor Aleksandar Hadzi Djordjevic
professor dr Aleksandar Hadzi Djordjevic with a master class student

Master classes – passive participation

Passive participation in the master class means that the student has the opportunity to follow the whole event from the audience. It is also learned through passive presence.

This type of attendance of the master class is suitable for students who are at the beginning of their music career, without much experience with public performances, where they have the opportunity to observe and listen to their colleagues to feel what it looks like and try themselves as active participants next time.

Baritone David Bizic was here twice

We had the honor to host David Bizic twice and we hope to have him for the third arrival, which depends only on the pandemic situation.

Besides him, Jazz pianist Dimitrija Vasiljevic also showed us the trust with his arrival. Dimitrije is a doctor of the piano (PhD pianist) who works at the University of New Orleans. Before that he finished his studies at the famous Berkeley Academy.

David Bizic's master class at the private music school Eva
Baritone David Bizic holds a master class in our center

Dimitrije talked with the participants of the master class about the basics of jazz music, studies in America, but also about management in culture and art, without which one cannot make a career.

Participants with their teacher -  doctor of jazz piano Dimitrije Vasiljevic on his master class
Doctor of jazz piano Dimitrije Vasiljevic and participants of his master class

Guitar classes with top professors

Four of our guitar professors with fantastic knowledge and results had a master class at our center.

  • Aleksandar Hadži Đorđević FMU,
  • Slobodan Milivojević FU Niš,
  • Ognjen Grčak FMU Bjeljina and
  • Milkica Ponjavić from the music school “Dr Vojislav Vuckovic”

shared their knowledge with the students all over Serbia.

Guitar Master class:
prof. Milkica Ponjavić, prof. Vesna Radić, prof. dr Aleksandar Hadži Đorđević, prof. Ognjen Grčak, prof. dr Slobodan Milivojević, prof. Ana Rančić i prof. Milica Stepanoski
(from left to the right)

Beside learning, the spice of this master class are the final concerts where participants can hear each other, get to know each other and make new friends. This year, in October, we will have the honor of hosting these great professors for the third time.

We made one step in into a rock and roll

Although only classical music is played in our school when it comes to Ivan Zoranović Kiza, we were ready to make an exception. Kiza is a guitarist who currently plays in the permanent line-up of the band of Djordje Balasevic and Nele Karajlic, but also of Nikola Vrankovic and the band “Galija”.

In March 2019, the sounds of an electric guitar were heard through Eva Music premises, and Kiza gathered fans of this sound from the region as well.

Ivan Zoranović Kiza brought some rock and roll to our music school "Eva Music"
The directors of the center, Vesna Radić and Ana Rancić, at the master class of Ivan Zoranović Kiza

Poland in Belgrade

In addition to David Bizic, baritone Boris Martinovic held a master class in our center. He gathered students from Serbia and the region, also guests from Poland, who on this occasion visited our country and our capital for the first time.

After his debut in the famous Carnegie Hall, Boris soon started singing in all leading houses throughout the United States and Europe. He recorded his famous collections with Placido Domingo and Monserrat Caballe. Today is the opera director of the Opera Morlacchi in Perugia.


Although, at the very beginning of our work in this field, colleagues and students had a dose of doubt, today we are recognized and appreciated as a music center that they trust and from which they can always expect excellent organization, efficiency and honesty.


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