Mala Eva® music workshops for children aged 3 to 6

Baby Eva® is a unique program by Eva International Music Center for children between 3 and 6 years of age, since that is the ideal age for any child to start with the first musical education through play and fun. Baby Eva® program includes:

  • music workshops
  • choral singing.

Who is the author of Baby Eva® program?

The author of the workshops and the conductor of the choir is Aleksandra Stevanovic, flute teacher and preschool music educator, with many years of experience in preschool institutions and in leading children’s choirs.

The program of music workshops is entirely Olivera’s original work, based on the method of music pedagogue Karl Orff.

Join us in Baby Eva® – music workshop and choir for children

In addition to solo and choral singing in the Eva music workshop children will:

  • listen to carefully selected music,
  • learn counters,
  • play music games,
  • get to know musical instruments,
  • play rhythmic instruments,
  • acquire basic musical literacy.

Workshops dates and times

Workshops are held one time a week, 45 minutes per workshop:  

  • Thursday at 6 pm

The participants of the workshop will have the opportunity to perform at concerts and public classes organized by the International Music Center “Eva Music”. The Baby Eva® program is an ideal preparation for child’s enrollment in any music school.

The number of children in the group is limited to 15. All epidemiological measures are complied in our school.

Wednesday and saturday – classes in music workshop Little Eva®

What are the benefits of early music education for children?

Engaging musical learning during the years most critical to child’s brain development can significantly contribute to the development of all the abilities in children, especially:

  • musical hearing
  • sense of rhythm
  • musical memory
  • emotional intelligence
  • speech development
  • proper posture
  • and last but not the least, the development of musical taste.
Early music education for children – music workshop Litte Eva®

The program cost is 3.900 dinars per month.

We grant the following discounts:

  • another child from the same family -15%,
  • third child from the same family -30%

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For additional info you can reach us on:

  • 063558517,
  • 0654499727

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