Katarina Farkas

Katarina Farkaš was born October 16 , 1974 in Kragujevac . She finished music high ” Stanković”  in  the class of prof. Dragana Mano- Zisi . It was perfected during medium school at prof. Faculty of music arts in Belgrade Jokut Mihailović. She finished the Faculty of Musical Arts in the class of prof. Aleksandra Pavlović and Aleksandar Shandorov. After getting a faculty degree she continued specialization of chamber music in the class of prof. Olivera Đurđević. In that period, she  performed in the  different chamber ensembles in Belgrade ( ” Progres ” gallery , SANU, Ethnography museum,House of army etc. )

Her own working experience started in 1996. Her students performed in numerous competitions and get a lot of awards. Her students achieved a great number performing at concerts and cultural manifestations within the local community and the City of Belgrade.

As part of extracurricular activities,she worked on the following projects:

·   Author i Realizer of the project “Musical fantasy room “for children preschool of age

·   Author of the lecture “Music – ruler of the emotion ” for adolescents

·   The author of the musical “QUIZ-ZVIZ” quiz for students basic school

·   Associate in preparation performs students younger ones class basic school “Sveti Sava” from Vrčin

In the framework expert training she attended many seminars and expanded  knowledge in all areas and competences. In the school year 2021/2022. she became a Pedagogical advisor .

Her professional career motto is that music should be available to everyone, to every child and adult, and every child should see the beauty and the significance of music .