Guitar lessons Belgrade – group guitar vs individual guitar lessons

Guitar lessons at The First International Music School “Eva” are available to anyone, beginner or professional. 

We believe that an individual approaches the most effective type of learning. It leads to the best and the fastest results.

Last couple of years group guitar schools have been very popular in Belgrade. Children who have spent several years on such courses often come to us, without visible results.

That is why in this text we will try to answer your most frequently asked questions related to differences between individual and group guitar lessons. 

Group guitar lessons Belgrade

Group guitar lessons have been popular in our country for the last ten years. The reason for that first of all lies in the fact that learning

  • takes place with socializing,
  • the price of a class is more affordable and
  • mostly popular music is played.

This kind of teaching is suitable for those who do not have high expectations in terms of progress in playing, but expect socializing and basic knowledge of playing the guitar.

Guitar lessons Belgrade Eva Music School

The disadvantage of such guitar lessons is that the teacher does not have many opportunities to dedicate himself individually to each student. Their progress mostly depends on their personal ability to follow the lesson and quickly adopt the material.

It is necessary for the student to be fast, careful and prone to easy adoption of the material. As in any group teaching, the pace of work is subordinated to the group itself and the abilities of the students and their ability to follow the pace of teaching.

Individual guitar lessons Belgrade, Dedinje

Individual guitar lessons or any other musical instrument have been the standard for centuries in music learning, and for very strong reasons. Many components are important with learning an instrument, from: setting up the instrument, learning the notes ,developing the technique, tone, musical memory and musical phrasing.

In individual classes, the teacher is completely focused on the student with whom he works. That allows him to adapt to the student, send and influence the pace of his development and help in all the parameters of playing. Individual approach is better for most children because:

  • the child has his individual time with his teacher,
  • the teacher developed special plan and program for each student,
  • if he is absent, he will not miss anything,
  • all this leads to faster progress,
  • which leads to better motivation, self-confidence and satisfaction.

In this way, progress is much faster and easier because all problems are easily noticed and worked on directly.

In addition to mastering guitar playing, we also do scales, sight reading and developing singing skills.

Nowadays, most people are looking for more efficient solutions. Guitar lessons that include an individual approach, public appearances and diplomas recognized in the world have become much more popular. The value we represent on the market is quality and applicable guitar playing knowledge.

Individual guitar lessons Belgrade Eva Music School

Guitar lessons – the ideal age to start playing an instrument

In Music schools the practice is for a child to start guitar lessons at the age of 9. It can often be 8 or even from 7 years old if the child is mature enough and able to attend classes. It is desirable for him to know how to read and write letters in order to learn notes more easily. But as individual teaching is in question, as we have already said, the tempo is adjusted to the child and there are exceptions.

Guitar lessons – the ideal age to start playing an instrument

When to start playing an instrument?

If the child is of smaller build, it is recommended to begin with playing on a smaller instrument. Younger children start the preparatory class first and do not take the exams that are graded. They receive a descriptive grade as an excellent first stimulation and confirmation of their success.

Earlier, the guitar was considered to be an instrument for boys, but today it is equally popular among boys and girls. In fact, every year more and more girls play the guitar.

The guitar is said to be a young instrument, why?

The guitar in its current form developed relatively late compared to other instruments. Classical guitar and acoustic guitar get their final, modern shape in the middle of the 19th century, and electric guitar appears in the 20th century.

The classical guitar is a very young instrument. In Serbia, the systematic learning of guitar playing began with the appearance of Jovan Jovicic, who is considered the father of the guitar in the 1950s.

Today, the guitar has become one of the most sought-after instruments in music schools. There are many reasons for that: both classical and modern music can be played on it. As an instrument, it is easily portable, and every socializing with someone who knows how to play the guitar becomes more fun.

Private guitar classes at home or private guitar school – what is more effective?

Motivation is very important for learning the instrument, as well as regular attendance and practice. At school, children have exams and performances, they have a goal to which they aspire.

Classes are held twice a week, which enables continuity in playing and practicing and regular monitoring of progress by teachers.

Performances and exams are of great importance. They teach students how to deal with nervousness when appearing in public, which will make it easier for them to answer at school and generally bring self-confidence in every form of public appearance.

Guitar lessons Belgrade Eva Music School - public performances and concerts

In addition, concerts are an opportunity to socialize, share with others what has been learned and are a very stimulating part of learning the instrument. Here you can read more about this.

In the international music school “Eva”, great attention is paid to public performances. There are as many as four public performances during the school year, two of which are in renowned city halls such as the National Museum or the Kolarac Endowment.

What is the ABRSM method?

ABRSM is the oldest and most respected method of work in the world. It has the same system of work and evaluation in 100 countries around the world. It is a British program, supported by the Royal Schools of Music.

In this system, teaching is unified. The student does everything with one teacher. There is no possibility to learn one at the guitar lessons, another in solfeggio and rhythm classes, and the third in orchestra classes. A high level of applied musical knowledge is acquired.

In addition to learning to play a musical instrument, there is also learning to play from the list, music theory and music history.

Learning the instrument is extremely stimulating for the overall development of the child.

  • Both hemispheres of the brain are engaged,
  • attention,
  • concentration and
  • intelligence is developed.

To read the notes from the sheet, the student must already have an acquired sense of where his tones are on the instrument and, looking at the notes, recognize the note, connect it with its place and play it without looking.

This is a great exercise for the brain, and at the same time, overcoming this requirement greatly facilitates the process of learning composition. Whoever learns to read notes opens up the possibility for him to be able to play everything that is written in notes, any music in question.

Guitar lessons Belgrade Eva Music School - ABSRM method

Acoustic, Classical, Bass or Electric Guitar Belgrade?

How to choose? 

For the beginners we always suggest starting with classical guitar. Doesn’t matter if you would like to learn one song, a few songs. Rock music, blues music or just to have a good video for your instagram – start with classical guitar. That is always the best first step. 

The scales, the chords, and your classical guitar teacher will show you the best fundamentals and lead you to the knowledge that you need to come to the top. If you try, you’ll see what we are talking about. 

After a year of learning classical guitar you can always switch to bass or electric guitar, if you want. Read more about it here: Rock Eva – Eva Music

Motivation for guitar exercising

The key to motivate someone to work is the love for music transmitted by the teacher. Motivation is contagious. Rarely does a child have a strong inner motivation, so the role of a teacher is great. These are the resources that we have with us. 

For guitar lessons for adults, things are a bit different. Adult students have stronger internal motivation. They only find it harder to find time for regular visits to guitar lessons. Which is why our adult program is tailored to their time needs.

How long does it take to practice guitar?

It is very important that the student is not given more than what he can do at home. Knowledge must be built gradually, and in that, homework should follow them.

Continuity is very important, and daily exercise is recommended, for beginners and recreationists at least 20 to 30 minutes a day. The older the students and the greater the demands and desire to progress, the higher the daily exercise schedule.

Online guitar lessons 

The pandemic has shown us that we can do many things from home. Online guitar lessons are one of them.

Whether you are a beginner or an already established guitarist, you can attend online classes wherever you are on the globe.

This form of teaching is ideal for families who do not live in Serbia and want their children to continue to nurture their mother tongue. And for everyone else who wants the quality of our school, but does not live in Belgrade.

Guitar lessons Belgrade Price 

Our tuition can be paid in full, during which you get a discount. It can be paid in 10 equal monthly installments. The price includes classes and 4 concerts during one school year, as well as 1 half season check up test. A 15% discount applies to another child from the same family. Read more here.

Why “Eva Music” School?

Because You will learn from the best. To learn to play the desired instrument. Whether it is teaching piano, singing, clarinet or guitar, you will come to learn a new, musical language.

Come to the school where you will be honored to be. The knowledge you acquire with us will remain with you and your children forever. School is for all ages, there is no age limit.

Guitar lessons Belgrade Experience 

“Eva is a music school that I would recommend to anyone who is ever thinking about playing an instrument. Ana and Vesna should be very proud of themselves as we are all of them. The way they manage to run the business and their commitment to all of us is something that will keep us in Eva for a really long time.”

Read more about the experience of our clients here.

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