What is Eva Summer Art Camp in Belgrade?

Summer is the time when we enroll children in summer camps in Belgrade and all over Serbia.

During their stay at the summer camp, children play with children of a similar age and inclination, learn independence, and separate themselves from their parents. Also, in addition to playing and socializing, they acquire or improve new skills. Camps often give children the opportunity to try out different areas they encounter for the first time, which gives them the opportunity to discover if they have an aptitude for a sport, language, or other hobby.

On the market of summer camps in Belgrade and throughout Serbia and the region, we mostly offer sports and language camps. However, today we are talking about something completely different.

The first Summer Art Camp in Belgrade was implemented by Ana Rančić and Vesna Radić, co-owners of the International Music School “Eva Music”. The ladies have been successfully implementing it for 5 years. We talk with Vesna Radić about the concept of this camp, why children return to it and parents adore and praise it.

How did you come up with the idea of creating a Summer Art Camp in Belgrade? Is it really the first on the market?

My colleague and friend Ana Rančić, with whom I founded The International Music School “Eva Music” 7 years ago, is the creator of this concept. Yes, this summer camp in Belgrade is the first art camp offered in our country. From then until today, five years have passed, we see imitations of our work every new season. It bothers me a little, Anna doesn’t. She is glad to see that colleague like art and they develop love for art, and that is more important to her than a little theft of our ideas.

First, we made a strong foundation of our music school for children. We work under the license and program of the British Royal Association of Music Schools, in English ABRSM. A method that is recognized in more than 100 countries around the world and that offers a completely objective evaluation of all our students. When we consolidated that part of the work, expanded it to offer adult participants who come to us to fulfill their childhood dream and learn to play a musical instrument regardless of their age – the need arose to expand the area of ​​activity beyond music.

We were contacted by families who are members of our music school, as well as by some new families, with the need for their children to attend our music school over the summer. Since summer is the time of annual vacations and we think it is good to take a little break from intensive work and playing musical instruments, we started thinking about a new – summer concept. And the idea of ​​the Summer Art Camp for children was born.

What is the concept of the Eva Summer Art Camp in Belgrade?

During their 5-day stay at our “Eva” Music School in Belgrade, children attend creative classes of various arts from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. I think the key to the success of our summer camp is the choice of pedagogues who work with children. They are excellent teachers, with a lot of experience in their work, who love children very much and who are creative.

During these 5 days, the children prepare the show together. Which on the last day, on Friday afternoon, they perform in front of us and our parents. At the rehearsal, they act, sing in a choir, play some of the instruments and perform recitations and songs in foreign languages.

We always have a set theme for the camp, which inspires us all week. However, in relation to the children’s wishes and their creativity, we are ready to adapt the topic.

This year, the theme of the camp is the book “Nestaško i gusari” by Aleksandar Stevanović, which was published in 2023. During the work on the play, children will have the opportunity to meet the author of books, a creative teacher of philosophy and a writer. And parents will be able to buy the book itself, signed by the author, after the performance.

What skills do children develop? What are the benefits of this Summer Camp?

First of all, I want to highlight the benefits. Our Summer Art Camp in Belgrade brings together children with similar artistic inclinations. Your child will have a wonderful feeling when he is surrounded by children similar to him. His creativity will unfold unhindered in that environment, and the work process will achieve dizzying results.

Children develop communication skills with other children and older teachers in a relaxed and creative atmosphere. They develop fine and gross motor skills through learning to play musical instruments and working on paintings and sculptures.

The children love the fact that everything they do and learn during the summer camp is directly applied to the creation of the play. They don’t make something abstract, but they make costumes, scenography and everything that is needed for a successful acting performance.

What do parents say? Why praise Camp so much?

Parents are most surprised by the achievements that children achieve through play.

Only 5 days of work, without pressure and homework. Through play and the joy of creation, children come up with a phenomenal performance where they show the new skills and new knowledge, they have acquired during our summer camp.

Parents are always pleasantly surprised and often in tear of joy. They compare results and achievements with the results their children achieve in school and other extracurricular activities. And they cannot believe that here the results are so much better and in such a short time.

In addition to the encouraging teacher atmosphere, the fact that children with similar tendencies come to our summer camp for children speaks volumes in support of this. Who in such an environment of their children do not have to be ashamed and hide their creativity, but their creativity comes to the fore.

Does it happen that children join The Eva Music School after The Summer Art Camp?

Yes. In large numbers. Right now, two brothers who attended the camp for the first two years are still with us at school. As soon as they were old enough to start playing musical instruments, they enrolled in our “Eva” Music School.

One plays the clarinet and successfully passed the international ABRSM exams. Another also played the clarinet, but has now switched to drum lessons, also in the British International Method.

Last summer we had two more brothers who joined the music school in September. One chose the instrument piano and the other the violin. At the school’s last concert, we were all touched by how much they had progressed in less than a year.

These results give us an even stronger incentive and wind behind us to continue with our summer camp for children in Belgrade.

When is the next Camp? How does someone new register?

The next camp is during the month of August 2023. From August 21 to 25.

Parents can write to us at info@evamusic.rs or call us at phone number 061/1719 159

We still have places available.

Would you add anything else at the end that wasn’t in the quoestions?

I would like one more point of interest.

Parents are often surprised that more boys than girls show up at summer camp.

It is clear to us why this is so.

Girls who are not inclined to sports, but to art, can find their oasis among the many ballet schools around the city. However, boys are shy or simply do not want to dance, so they do not choose this branch of art.

Then, those boys who are not inclined to sports or simply do not like this type of recreation, find their oasis at our camp. Acting, singing, foreign languages, playing music, all this in a stimulating environment – it’s the right place for them.