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Drum lessons Belgrade - Eva Music School

In traditional classes and according to the national program, the years pass with triangles and similar instruments like xilophone, marimba until you get to playing drums. In our school you immediately sit down for drums and playing is achieved in a few lessons. In a few months, if the student is motivated and diligent, he can try playing with other instruments or matrices.

In addition to the curriculum that is made especially for each student, we encourage all our students to prepare for taking internationally recognized RSL diplomas. We offer it from all instruments from the modern department: electric guitars, bass guitars, modern pianos and drums.

Drum lessons for beginners 

Drum lessons for kids Belgrade - Eva Music School

Regardless of the age of the child, we design the lessons by dealing primarily with fundamental things related to playing drums. We are creating an excellent foundation for further musical growth. We pay attention to proper sitting and breathing, proper holding of sticks and mastering the basic rudimental skills on the snare drum before we continue to play the drum set. 

The drumming technique is very important because it gives the foundation which helps the future drummer to be able to achieve speed and precision.

As we said in the introduction, we are very quickly switching the basic rudimental technique on the snare drum to the drum set technique.

Teacher Dimitrije Mojsijević is very motivated to pass on to his students the love for playing drums and the importance of a good setting from the start. The magical world of drums is just the transfer of knowledge from snare drum to a set of drums, and that is actually the most fun and most important part of our classes.

Beginning of drum lessons

At the beginning of playing drums, it is very important to encourage creativity and imagination, because playing drums and music should be fun and enjoyable. Thanks to the modern RSL method and its modern methodology, all students will be able to go through different genres in their education, such as jazz, pop, rock or blues.

The school year also offers the possibility of two public performances where there is an opportunity to play in a real, school band. When that happens, they will get additional lessons on playing with others, which is very different from playing solo or playing with a back up recording. Along with the bass guitar, the drum is the backbone of the rhythm section, so that the concentration and feeling for others that children will successfully develop along the way will surely have an impact on their other abilities as well.

Drum lessons for adults 

Whether it is a beginner or an adult with already formed musical knowledge, the tempo of lessons is adjusted to the work and other obligations that an adult student has. Our community of adult musicians is large and we have vast experience in this type of work.

First of all, we take into account the level of the student knowledge. Has he played or is he playing some other instrument or maybe he is already playing drums a lot. Based on that, we plan future classes by combining the personal wishes of the students and our plan and program.

We offer mastering and learning a certain or more musical styles: rock, funk, blues, jazz or any subgenre of these music.

As an indispensable part of playing drums, we work on reading notes because musical literacy is as important as playing drums. A common question we get is: what does the drummer need notes for? The answer is very simple – for easier, faster and more meaningful mastering of any music genre!

Online Lessons

If you have your own instrument, you can also schedule online classes in our school, which take place via various video applications by agreement. Each room can be turned into a studio because only basic equipment is needed for a drum lesson. Namely, it is enough to have the simplest set of drums.

Jazz drum lessons and preparation for enrollment in music high school

Drum lessons Belgrade - Eva Music School - preparation for enrollment in music high school

Our music school also provides preparations for enrollment in the high school of jazz and the jazz academy. Preparations include acquiring a certain level of knowledge from solfeggio (ear training), music theory, sight reading and knowledge of jazz styles. Our professor Miloš graduated from this department at the Stanković Music School in Belgrade and has extensive experience in preparing students.

Along with him, support is provided by our professors who graduated from The music theory department at the Music Academy. They have experience in preparing for exams in all theoretical areas until the end of music high school.

Drum department in the Eva music school 

Drum lessons Belgrade in Eva Music School

At individual drum lessons, we first of all want to educate every drummer and teach him/her the best possible drumming technique. We want to answer the questions of beginners, amateurs and semi-professionals and help them on their way to becoming the best version of themselves.

As our main goal, we see the training of drummers to play in an ensemble. It is also the most fun and important part of our school because it teaches us to listen to each other, love music, and work with each other, encouraging collegiality and tolerance.

Listen to recordings from our first Rock Concert!

Drum lessons Belgrade price

The first drum lesson in our school is free.

You can see the price list on this link, and you can see more information about us on our Facebook page and Instagram page.

Eva Music School is located in Dedinje, Belgrade.

Come and become a part of our musical story. Write on our email adress to book your trial lesson at info@evamusic.rs or phone 063/558517 and find out why we are the best music school in Belgrade.