Dimitrije Mojsijevic, Drum teacher

Dimitrije Mojsijević was born in Novi Sad, where he graduated from the high school of music “Isidor Bajić” in the class of Prof. Srđan Palačković in the percussion department.

In 2015, he enrolled in the “Faculty of Music Arts” in Belgrade, in the department of jazz drums in the class of Prof. Miroslav Karlović. He graduated in 2019. During the second semester of 2018, he received an ERASMUS scholarship and went to Lithuania, where he stayed for a whole semester.

School year 2019/20. enrolled and completed Master’s studies in jazz drums at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, in the class of prof. Anđelka Stupara.

Over the years, he has performed at numerous concerts and with different ensembles, including Oleg Kireyev, Milan Petrović Quartet, Saša Popovski, Nikola Čubrilo Band, Art Baden, Ivan Švager “Ambire” Band, Eroteme, Corey Wilcox, Ministry of Defense Art Ensemble “Stanislav Binički” etc. He also has his own author’s project called “Moses Dimski”.

He performed at “Evergreen Fest” with Beti Đorđević, Tanja Jovićević, Nada Pavlović, Bojana Stamenov, Tanja Banjanin and others. He participated in the first domestic conceptual musical “Cave”, authored by Ivan Ilić. He also performed on the stages of festivals such as Nishville, Belgrade Jazz Festival, JazzIbar Festival, Gala de Blues Jazz Kamo in Romania, etc.

In 2021 and 2022, he will participate in the international projects “Balkan youth jazz orchestra” and “In search of our musical roots” in Podgorica under the leadership of prof. Vladimir Nikolov and prof. Antonio Toni Kitanovski.

He has been teaching since 2018. Students describe him as a very patient and dedicated pedagogue, who tries to get the most out of each child. He joined the “Eva Music” school team in 2022.