Creative music workshops for children 3 to 6 years old – Belgrade

Creative music workshops for children Belgrade Eva Music School

Parents often find themselves in doubt as to which activity to direct their preschool-aged child to. All modern research is in favor of stimulating children in this period.

Some are more inclined to sports, some to arts, but what they all agree on is that preschool children learn best through play.

This is also the case at the “Mala Eva” preschool music workshops.

Music through the game

It is not easy to enter the magical world of imagination without the right help. But once we get there, all the obstacles are part of the fun and easier to overcome. It’s the same with music.

When the notes get colors before landing on the music paper and when those colors in the form of stickers land on the piano keys, every child can learn to guess the tone even without knowing it.

Through these and similar games, music comes closer to children and takes shape in them through the most beautiful images.

Learning music with movement and working with Orff’s instruments

Synchronized movement with singing affects the development of gross motor skills, which is an excellent introduction to playing the instrument. Playing an instrument, in addition to gross one, also requires fine motor skills, but it cannot be developed unconnected. As a prerequisite for finesse, it is necessary to have developed and gross motor skills.

This development was further encouraged by the use of Orff ‘s instrumentality of the mind . With various forms of percussion as well as the xylophone, their relationship to music moves from the unconscious to the more conscious.

From unconscious playing, they begin to pay attention to more and more musical elements. They begin to notice rhythm, melody and dynamics.

In this way, their relationship changes from play to creation.

This is an important process and every child will remember it as the most beautiful part of their childhood.

Development of attention and connecting music with visuals

Creative music workshops for children Belgrade Eva Music School - attention development

In addition to the development of various abilities, children should also work on the development of attention. At the “Mala Eva” music workshops, we do this by changing activities.

In addition to working on the musical content with movement, the class is organized so that when the attention is slack, the children are directed to a short art break. They then discuss the first part of the lesson with pre-designed musical coloring books.

During this period of the lesson, children will also have the opportunity to learn about different instruments live. During the school year, teachers from our school visit workshops and present instruments to children.

By changing the content like this, the children relax and extend their focus at the same time.

This process for all children is beneficial, especially in today’s time of harmful external stimulations and weakened attention.

When are the creative music workshops held and in which language?

The music workshop “Mala Eva” takes place once a week.

The first cycle during the school year takes place from September to December, and the second from February to May. At the end of each cycle, a public performance awaits the participants of “Mala Eva”.

We organize a Serbian-language group on Tuesdays from 6:30 p.m., while an English-language group is on Fridays, also at 6:00 p.m.

Workshops last 45 minutes.

Who are the music workshops for?

Creative music workshops for children Belgrade Eva Music School - age

Music workshops are intended for children aged three to six. Our workshops are the ideal preparation for children for music school.

All children will have the opportunity to hear and see different musical instruments as part of the activity itself. These are all the ones we offer at the “Eva Music” International Music School . These are: piano, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, flute, violin, cello, double bass and harp.

This will make it easier for children to choose a future instrument.

Creative music workshops – public performances

Creative music workshops for children Belgrade Eva Music School - public performances

At the end of each cycle, our students will perform in the central concerts of the International Music School “Eva Music” . Our concerts take place in the most important city halls such as the Music Gallery of Kolarca or the Atrium of the National Museum.

It is already known how much public performance helps children build self-confidence. At the same time, they are a good basis for any future public presentation. Whether it’s answering questions at school or some future business presentations, the concentration that children build during the performance is a big help.

How children develop creativity through music workshops?

Creative music workshops for children Belgrade Eva Music School - creativity

Today, the term “creative” is often used. When we hear the word, we mostly think of art, inventiveness and creation – and we are not far from its essence.

Creativity is an important item that we can use throughout our lives. It helps us connect even disparate elements more easily and successfully reach the solution we need.

Music workshops “Mala Eva” can help children in all this.

In our workshops, we approach music from different angles. There is movement, singing, developing a sense of rhythm and beauty. In addition, we connect music with visual expression.

This type of synthesis helps children to express the same or similar thing through different means and arrive at a result.

Through this process, children on an unconscious level manage to see the bigger picture and thus develop a tendency towards creativity.

What is the price?

The price of the “Mala Eva” music workshop is 4,500 dinars. For the second child from the same family, we offer a 10% discount.

How do we register our child?

You can register your child through the form on our web page. There are also our email or phone numbers: 0654499727 or 063558517. Our pages on social networks: Facebook and Instagram  are also available.