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Cello lessons Belgrade Eva Music School

Cello lessons Belgrade – part of our Music school.

The warm baritone and bright tenor colors of the cello sound have been inspiring composers and performers for centuries to dedicate their work to this instrument.

The cello is the direct successor of the baroque viola da gamba. Since the 18th century, it has been one of the most widely written instruments. At the same time, it is a standard orchestral instrument.

In the text that follows, we will try to show you how the cello is taught in our school. And why it is important to have the right support on this path.

Cello lessons Belgrade – program at Eva Music School

The cello program is based on classical music performed according to the internationally recognized ABRSM method. This system is the oldest and most widespread system in the world. According to which students of all ages take exams in almost 100 countries around the world.

We have written about him in several of our texts. About the system itself, about the difference in relation to the national program, as well as about the application of this diploma in the world.

Preparation for ABRSM exams is done with one teacher who works with students on all elements of the exam. The parts of the exam are: scales, three compositions of different epochs, as well as sight reading and an aural test.

This program includes work on techniques, compositions and musical aesthetics. It also includes work on music theory, and through sightreading, elements of solfeggio are also made.

Cello lessons Belgrade – Individual approach

Cello lessons Belgrade Eva Music School - individual approach

The most important part of our pedagogical work is the individual approach. This means that we are always ready to adapt to the student from the point of view of age, maturity, mental structure or work habits.

Our goal is clear – to transfer knowledge, and our teachers see this as fulfilling their pedagogical goal.

That is why we pay great attention to creating a personal connection with the student and working on external motivation.

This is especially important at a younger age when internal motivation is not stable and additional encouragement is always needed. Whether it is a lack of work habits or working on the students’ attention, our teachers are always there to discover the cause.

Working on solving the causes is not always easy or fast, but with patience and good cooperation with parents, most problems can be overcome.

Piano Associate

Piano associate – accompanist – is also regularly included in the lessons. Without the support of the pianist, the teaching work would not be complete. The accompaniment in the piano section completes the melody of the cello. And the participants receive significant support in playing.

In addition, there are always important comments and interactions that are obtained in the classroom when another teacher is involved.

Cello lessons Belgrade – Who are the cello lessons for?

Cello lessons Belgrade Eva Music School - age

Cello lessons are intended for all students older than 7 years. The cello, like all other string instruments, is made in several sizes according to age. Thanks to that, even the youngest students can participate in classes.

In a similar way, we have a developed system of programs for adults in our school. Those who have been dreaming about the cello for a long time or maybe have taken a long break can join us and enjoy their favorite instrument.

Online cello lessons teaching

We started online lessons at the Eva Music International Music School during the pandemic. In addition to our regular students who were focused on this type of teaching, we also gained numerous students from all over the world.

Thanks to that, our teachers received a lot of experience and developed the best teaching techniques for distance learning.

Distance learning is not reserved only for those who live outside Belgrade. It often happens that even students who have live lessons for various reasons occasionally attend lessons online.

The only prerequisite for online teaching is that you have an instrument at home.

Public performances and concerts

Cello lessons Belgrade Eva Music School - public performances

The most important events in our school during the school year are concerts. It is an opportunity to socialize, see off each other’s progress and exchange energy with the audience.

We organize four live and four online concerts a year because we believe that all participants should be given the opportunity to perform in public. In that we see the basic meaning of dealing with music and the best incentive to work.

How do I sign up for cello lessons?

You can register for cello lessons at info@evamusic.rs or on the phone numbers: +381654499727 or +38163558517.

For those who want to know more – a few words about the cello

The cello is approximately twice the size of the violin. And its rim is proportional and wider. As a result, it is necessary to behave differently when playing: the cello is held between the legs, leaning on the knees, and with a special foot on the floor.

Therefore, the position of the player according to the instrument is different. Which is reflected especially in the technique of the left hand : Thus, large interval interventions are possible, it is easier to climb into high positions and it is possible to perform artificial flageolets.

By the way, the beaker here is, of course, even bigger than with the violin: without the help of the thumb, the fingers can catch the largest third on one string, ie the small third on two adjacent ones.

How do we tune cello strings?

The four cello strings are tuned an octave lower than the violin strings: to adGC tones, so that it is already an instrument of the deep, bass register, so its basic key is the bass .

However, thanks to the mentioned possibilities of the left hand, which can go to the end of the gripper and beyond, the tonal range is relatively large even in orchestral playing – up to approximately 2 , so other keys must be used in notation: tenor key, legally. and for the highest register the violin.

Long and thick strings, as well as a large resonator, make the sound of the cello full and rich, and the highest, A -string, it can be very penetrating and lavishly sung.

This is especially evident in the music of the romantic style, and even the instrument itself emphasizes such a feature, with a basic serious and masculine character; yet a well-known virtuosity is available to him, which does not lag far behind the violin.

The cello was created by applying the shape of a violin to an old viola da gamba. The oldest preserved specimens date from the 16th century, made in the Amati family, but even during the 17th century the connection with the old violas was maintained in sometimes a larger number of strings (up to 6) and in tune (partly by quarters).

The text “For those who want to know more – a few words about the cello” is taken from this source .