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We have combined nice and useful – or to be very precise – useful and useful!

Purchasing one or more products, which we present to you on this page, in addition to the fact that each of them has its own use value, also allows you to DONATE FOR KOLARAC at the same time!

All income from EACH SALE is a donation for Kolarac.

You can order products online – the ordering field is below, and they are paid by cash on delivery (delivery is around 250 RSD – depending on the weight of the package) or you can walk to our music school “Eva Music” every working day from 3 pm to 7 pm and buy them here!

Our address is Omladinska (Dr Vojislava Stojanovića) 21a, Dedinje.

Cloth bag with the inscription – I play MUSIC! What is YouR SUPERPOWER?
(spacious enough to pack everything you like in it, and when folded – small enough to fit in your pocket)!


Cup for enjoying hot and cold drinks – any coffee, tea or chilled refreshment is
certainly satisfying from the “Eva” cup

Musical notebook for the first musical steps or for those already experienced!

Notebook for small and big secrets or for a successful school year (it turned out to be ideal for us to write down our favorite recipes as well)!

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