Adult program at music school “Eva”

Nowadays, accomplished professionals are increasingly looking for a fulfilling hobby, and often they find it through adult program at music school. Sometimes they are driven by a desire to explore new interests but often also to return to unfulfilled childhood desires.

Adult program at music school

Instrument lessons for adults Belgrade - Eva Music School

At the First International Music School “Eva“, we have been paying great attention to our adult students since the very beginning. That’s how our Adult program came about.

Unlike children, whose inner motivation varies, adults are usually determined to dedicate themselves to playing or singing.

Therefore, one hour a week is enough for adults to make a progress.

The reasons that encourage them to contact us are different:

  • someone wants to continue playing music after a long break, and
  • someone wants to complete their knowledge by obtaining an internationally recognized ABRSM diploma.
  • However, it is not uncommon for adult students to come without any prior knowledge.

Whatever the reason is, our professors are experienced in working with adults and all our experiences so far have been extremely beautiful and productive.

In order to encourage everyone who is thinking of dedicating themselves to an instrument again or for the first time, we would like to describe some of our previous experiences.

Adult program at music school “Eva” for experienced students

Instrument lessons for adults with experience Belgrade - Eva Music School

When it comes to students who have already played or sung, we continue our work where they left off when they stopped playing. Along the way, we always try to help with both technical problems and improving the way they learn.

This part is very important so that the participants start learning faster and more efficiently and so that they reach their goal as soon as possible. Of course, we don’t insist too much on these elements if the student doesn’t like it, because enjoying music is definitely in the first place.

In a similar way, we follow the wishes of the participants within the program we deal with, and that is

  • mostly classical music with possible extensions into
  • film and
  • popular pop,
  • rock and
  • jazz music genres.


Instrument lessons for adults Belgrade - exams - Eva Music School

In case the student wants to pass the exam, we have much higher expectations from them and we assume that they have more developed work habits. In a similar way, they must be ready to work on their technical problems if the given program requires it.

For adult learners, this part can be challenging, especially if they have not been actively involved in playing for a long time, but if they have a good prior knowledge, and are willing to work, the technique can be regained quickly.

We are proud to say that our adult students also have 100% pass the exams, and that we have acquired several high-level ABRSM diplomas.

Attendees without experience

Instrument lessons for adults without experiance Belgrade - Eva Music School

Unlike the example of adult students with previous musical experience, there are not a small number of those who acquired their first musical knowledge with us.

This category of students is very specific.

It is a known fact that children who start playing a musical instrument before their ninth birthday, eventually develop a stronger bond between the two hemispheres of the brain. She helps them with the motor demands that an instrument puts in front of us.

When this age limit is crossed, that bond develops more slowly, and is especially underdeveloped in adults who have never played. Therefore, when they start learning, most of their attention will be occupied by motor requirements, unlike learning notes, rhythmic values ​​and other theoretical knowledge.

In order to overcome this problem, it takes time and perseverance, but with the right teacher and good guidance, this problem is easily overcome.

An adult student will pass this initial phase much faster than the average child, so that after a year and a half of regular attendance, he will be able to independently use music materials and learn compositions of medium difficulty.

Public appearance

Instrument lessons for adults Belgrade - Eva Music School - public appearance

Public performances for our adult attendees are also part of the program. They are not obligatory because some of the participants do not like them, but there are also those who like to show their skills in front of the audience from time to time.

As time goes on and the number of our adult attendees grows, we hope that we will soon have specialized concerts just for them.

We believe that in a society similar to oneself, a larger number of them will find it easier to decide to perform in front of others.


Whether they have a goal in front of them to acquire basic musical knowledge or an international diploma, adult students will spend many hours filled with the most beautiful contents in cooperation with a great teaching team.

In addition to learning to play or sing, our adult students will also know the data from

  • music history,
  • aesthetics and
  • knowledge of literature, which they will also get in a class.

We will be happy to advise them on visiting interesting concerts that are organized in our city, and also refer them to inspiring recordings of the world’s best performers.

Music is the universal language of the human soul, especially when we are able to interpret and create it ourselves. In that way, every engagement in music will have a lasting reflection on our overall meaning.


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