Second Art Camp Eva 2-6 July 2018.

This year, an Art Camp was held in the premises of our center. The theme of the camp was inspired by R. L. Stevenson’s “Island of Treasure”. In five days, children prepared an originally written play that our teacher designed according to the character of children. They learned a few dialogues at Italian classes and prepared a song on the choir classes. They learned basic musical notions as well as they played one song on the piano. At the end of the week we had a wonderful show. We have greatly socialized, created, learned and acquired new friends! Enjoy
in the photos <3!

The Final Concert 16.06.2018.

The Final Concert brought a lot of joy! We heard sounds of piano, guitar and flute. Also one singing and piano duet as well as two violins duet. One mom was playing with her daughter. There were positive atmosphere with good vibes. We want to thank to all our participants, parents and associates for wonderful season! 15 of our participants went to Royal British ABRSM exams and all 15 of them passed the exams! Congratulations to everyone! We can hardly wait for September! We hope that you will enjoy in this photos! <3

Spring Concert 13.5.2018.

Behind us is another Spring Concert! Our participants played in front of almost 100 visitors, giving them a beautiful music event. ABRSM exams are waiting for us next week and this concert was like a general trial. As we are used to so far: everyone played the best they can, very dedicated, concentrated and musical! How can it be different in this positive and beautiful atmosphere? 🙂

International Primary School has visited us

In April 2018 friends from International Primary School has visited us! We prepared for them special concert and music workshop. After the concert they wanted to show us what they know about music and to sing and play for us. At the end of the day our new friends wanted to try classical music instruments. One more time we have opportunity to see that music is very important part of every childhood! Photos and videos can tell you all!

Presentation of the 7th Belgrade Chopin Fest

As always, it is our great pleasure to support a music event like Belgrade Chopin Fest.  The co-owners of our center, Vesna Radić and Ana Rančić responded with great pleasure to the invitation of Milena Reljić and Ivana Matijević, managers of Belgrade Chopin Fest, and gave a musical number to the program of presentation of the festival at Gentleman’s Club Belgrade. The pictures are part of the atmosphere as well as the festival program that we recommend you to visit. Here is a web page where you can find more information about festival:

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