Master Classes

Master classes are opportunity for us to work with worldwide known professors or music performers. 

David Bizic

In October 2018th we brought David Bižić into our centre, opera singer, who is working in Metropolitan New York at the moment. There were 17 lessons in front of almost 30 opera singers from all over Serbia.

Winter Guitar School

In December 2018th we hosted Professor Aleksandar Hadži Đorđević, Professor Slobodan Milivojević, Miss Milkica Ponjavić and Mr Ognjen Grčak, all brilliant guitarist, who shared their knowledge with students of music schools in Belgrade. Our master class student Vuk Vukajlovic won the II prize at the prestigious Guitar Art Festival 2019.

Ivan Zoranovic Kiza

The last weekend of March was reserved for the sounds of an electric guitar and Ivan Zoranović Kiza, who is playing with Đorđe Balašević, “Galija” and many more.