Jasmina Dragicevic

Jasmina Dragicevic began her elementary guitar studies in Valjevo, and continued higher music education with SrđanTošić in Belgrade’s “Josip Slavenski“ Music School.

During high school, she developed focal dystonia disorder which prevented her to continue her then rising carrier, so she enrolled at Faculty of Philology in Belgrade and graduated in Spanish language and Hispanic literature. At the same time, after high school, being one of the most talented guitar students, her teacher recommended her for a job as a guitar teacher and she began working in “Vatroslav Lisinski“ Music School.

Since then, pedagogy has been her main interest resulting in numerous prizes that her students won in national and international competitions. Some of them continued higher education and until now two of them have graduated from Faculty in Music.

She started composing for her students in 2007, and since then has written various compositions for solo and chamber guitar music. In 2010, a Guitar Trio of her students won 100 points and a Special prize in Republic Competition performing her composition Balkanic Meditation. Her piece Song for Margot’s baby was published in Collection of Contemporary Serbian Composers for Guitar, by Association of Vojvodina’s Guitarists. The same piece was the mandatory composition in 64th Festival of Music and Ballet Schools of Serbia.

She has been a part of Guitar Art Festival (GAF) team since the beginning, working in organization, as a translator and jury’s secretary and has had a chance to meet and work with some of the leading world guitarists. With GAF team, she went to Bloomington, USA, where she obtained a license for group guitar classes.

Her desire to connect Spanish language and music resulted in an original project consisting of teaching Spanish through music and arts.

She went true various therapies and successfully enrolled at Academy of Music. She is currently finishing her bachelor studies in guitar.

She is fluent in Spanish and English language and speaks some Portuguese.

During 2019-2020 school year she was a guest teacher in IPS school representing Eva, and since 2020-2021 school year she has become part of Eva’s team.